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They will only begin draining your health when the lantern turns red. It is best to strike them from the back, because you will lose health as you're hitting them otherwise.
Hey, That's a nice health bar you got there! It would be a shame if someone got rid of it...
Christ I hate these things, they just slow my roll.
I’m still wondering why they’re also in the NPC section
Is that jailer aggroing? Is your health bar shrinking because you didn't see them in time? Roll behind cover and wait for them to go blue again and the curse to wear off. After that just run towards them and nuke them before they can even finish their aggro animation. Are there a zillion of them in the center of a huge room? Alluring skull, or just range them with whatever's at hand. It honestly boggles my mind that anyone would have any sort of problem with them. What the hell did you guys do with the Ghru clerics in the Demon Ruins, sit on a corner and cry until they went away?
Doesn’t make them any less annoying