Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SL)


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Hello. I wanted to talk to you about my problem with the quest for solaire. I tried to complete it without joining the pact of the daughter of chaos, proceeding in this way:

- Reached anor londo without speaking to Solaire at the bonfire.
- Collected the Lordvessel
- Added izalit
- Completed the round of Izalit and opened the shortcut from behind
- Excluded and collected the object from the insect
-Gone to anor londo and talked to solaire
- Back to Izalith

But now I can't find Solaire anywhere, neither at the bonfire nor at the shortcut. I went back to anor londo and he is still sitting there at the campfire. Did I accidentally break his quest? I ask because I never tried to do his quest in a positive way without using the pact.