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My controller fell when i talked to her and i accidentally killed her*****
Same bro, I know the feeling ...
lol, I'd throw my hands up in a mix of frustration and laughter if that happened to me.
Gave her Grave Warden (pyro) > Deep Braille (miracle) > Quelana (pyro) and she still complained!
I find it very weird that she is not blind and yet knows how to read braille
It's not that weird for a learned person, which I would assume she is considering she uses sorceries. After all, you don't think people with their own eyesight take an interest in these sorts of things? Though I will say it is a bit of a lucky coincidence. She'd have to have known it beforehand because I doubt she just has a book on braille on-hand to learn.
I forgot, only blind people can learn a language
Why can’t Karla be given sorcery scrolls? Someone at FromSoftware was apparently sleeping on the job. Not only is Karla a sorceress, but she is also learned enough to teach you pyromancies and dark miracles. I suppose it might be the same reason she doesn’t teach you regular pyromancies and miracles, but it still seems odd to me. Failing NPC questlines for unpredictable/arbitrary reasons is practically a grand tradition at this point, so why not let Karla the SORCERESS accept SORCERY scrolls? P.S. I’m relatively new to anonymously ranting on internet forums, and so far it’s been fun. However, I still can’t bring myself to intentionally misspell words or use atrocious grammar.
Does anyone else feel that this character could also have been inspired from Karla "The Grey Witch" from Record of Lodoss War back in 1988? She lived for over 500 years by sealing her tremendously powerful magic (and her consciousness) in a magic circlet which would possess any host of her choosing. She went on to influence events in Lodoss for centuries and is easily the most powerful character in the series, wielding many types of magic with ease.
best girl