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Hi folks,
Yet another playtrough in the planning :)
Since i bought DS3 for PC (i played it on the ps4 before), ive been playing DS3 again quite extensively.
mainly to try out fun/niche/creative build.

Ive completed my tank a while back (made a topic on that one called 'overpower PVE'),
And followed up with a pyromancer build, playing around with spells, onyx sword, dmeon scar and witch locks.
Currently working on a third build that will be a dex-int hybrid (to try out friede's scythe, aquamarine dagger and buffed dex-weapons).

i like making level 150 build, these give a bit more freedom to get creative with spells and different weapons.


I want to plan my next character; and i want to try out a build that is completely done around a single weapon. its going to be the twin princes greatsword (i will trade it from a high level char to my new one). To fit the build i will cosplay/fashionsoul in lorians armor.

I have a question about the weapon though. i believe a quality build at 40str/40dex fits quite well right?
But i understand that leveling faith and intellect also impacts this weapon's damage? or is that just the WA?
If so, is it worth leveling faith and int as well?

i would welcome other suggestions for stats as well, i always level vig to 27 (at least), and for this build i will need 27 vit to be able to medium roll without rings.

i am not sure about the amount of int/fth, and not sure on attunement/endurance (how much to comfortably swing this weapon and liberally use the WA).

I want to be able to deal very good damage in PVE. If i'm getting faith/int; is it worth leveling attunement for additional spellslots? what spells will fit this build without forsaking the theme and lead-role for the sword? pillars of light might look cool, but i havent actually played with this ever, and am in doubt if its worth it for any other reason than looking cool :D.

also, what rings would complement using this weapon?

just looking for idea's and tips; thematical and/or optimizing the damage of the build.


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1. SL 150 is to high if you want to be summon by someone in late game (recommended is 100-120)
2. Twin prices GS is not good as PVE but my Scales would be 40/40/9/9 (Solid build) or 22/14/40/40 (Weapon art build)
3. Quality is a great choice for first game play. You can use a lot weapon in game and still you can use Lorain's great sword before new game+.
4. Check this link for make decisions. >>> https://soulsplanner.com/darksouls3/weaponatk


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the fire damage scales only poorly on INT Faith

the light damage scales on physical I think...this weapon is basically a physical quality weapon.

to be honest, it scales so bad on everything that I strongly believe it works best on very low level builds, just like Lorian GS demonlishes everything on 26 strength thanks to 2 handed factor+fire buff.

at high level, this weapon becomes very much meh...in PvP, you will land the pew pew stance R1 on a few noobs but this is it. for the rest you will deal less damage than a basic claymore frankly.
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thanks both,

Ive done a quality build before on ps4, to keep the game interesting (PVE) im now making builds focussed around weird/interesting/unique weapons instead of just generic builds (quality, sorcerer, pure strength, etc).
I know 150 is not the PVP/co-op meta, but im not to worried about that. on my other 150's i can still find competition for an occasional session of PVP and co-op, and it isnt my main focus.

Thanks on the advice on weapon scaling. so the fire damage scales badly, shame. still gonna try it though, not to worried about it being bad, its all for fun, and im sure it will be fine for PVE after a multitude of runs on other builds :). I will be running the sword from the start, since i will trade it from another character with the help of a friend.

So bottom line is that maximizing damage is best done with a standard quality build. cool.
I will focus on that then. thematically i think a few basic miracles would fit well though, so i will check mugen to see if it might be worth investing equal amounts of int for the weapon arts. Since im going at least 150 i have some room to play around :)

Since you both seem to think the twin prince sword is underwhelming, can you reccomend other unqiue weapons that are really fun (PVE or PVP, doesnt really matter).

So far ive played with: morne's hammer, wolnir's holy sword, vordts hammer, MLGS, aquamarine dagger, friede's scythe, witch locks, onyx blade.
and probably a couple more that i forget about right now. Real flashy weapon arts are a pre! my most recent playtrough with friede's scythe (and aquamarine dagger as a sidearm) is one of the best ive done, loving it.



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If you're mainly only doing pve, the TPGS is totally fine. I recommend Great Heal and Gnawing as your miracles. The WA is alot of fun to use, especially since you can use both brothers WA; though it is nigh on useless in pvp so you know. Also, I recommend a very light build -(25% or less). As with that speed, and a moderate parrying ability, you will crush everything no matter their range.