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Fallout 76 Pioneer Exam Answers, at least the ones i've found.

Billy puts an apple on his head none of the above
compressor is not part of the crossbow
shell isn't part of an arrow
mr handy gives the all clear
lower bow and release tension
arbalest shoots daily
The only person truly responsible for your safety on the range: You
Bullseye is worth 10 points
Gene is an Arbalest
Robbie and his dad need Broadhead point arrowheads
Lisa is a Toxophilite
Archery is 64k years old
A bowyer makes bows
Hitting an arrow and splitting it in two: Telescoping

Pentathlon is 5
jump 29 feet
belay device
you put a putting ball
you don’t have to do pull ups for the army
Abraham Lincoln is the wrestler
a marathon is 26 or so miles
4 possible runs in a homerun
Javelins is a sport
clean and jerk is an Olympic exercise
sensation for runners is called Runner's high
Harriers are dogs
shot-put is "put" not thrown
Lactic acid helps build up the muscles
90 feet between bases
wouldn't train 10000 dashes

templar cipher cross
symmetric key cryptography same key
Appalachia Caesar cipher "xII LC QEB XYLSB" (all the above)
Samuel commie password 1917
radio commie propaganda report
brute forcing trying all passwords after each other
Founding Father that created Disc Cipher is Thomas Jefferson
First code breaking computers are Colossi
Susie would need to make a fist with her thumb over her middle finger for sign language S
The weakest link in the system security is you

Cranberry’s sugar
mycophile mushroom
salt increases boiling point
breadcrumbs dredging
cheese head actual cheese
Maillard Reaction
Place the lid back on the pan and wat for the fire to run out of oxygen
Serve it raw
165 degrees
sauerkraut pickles fermenting

astrologist is not a physician
nuclear energy / powerplant is 100% safe
black lung coal miner
white blood cells

duck shotgun
Appalachian black bear
rabbit snare trap
don’t stomp on fish
don’t forget the ramrod doe black power rifles

salamanders are carnivorous
Horned lizard blood from eyes
rainforest stew Golden dart frog
Hairy frog breaks its own toe bones
Colorado river toad hallucination
iguanas lose their tails
poison ingested,
invasive species

cats like snipper got domesticated in Egypt
mega sloths bigger than all above
Mammary glands = milk
wolfs are the biggest canine
bears sleep in the winter
African wild dogs hunt antelopes
marsupials carry young in pouches
5' 7" bat wingspan
blue whale
humans stand up straight
sloth - all the above.

insect tongues Proboscis
pelvis is not a body part
dung beetle is very strong
cicadas come out to mate and lay eggs
Over a week
Having six legs

Swimming buddy alerts in an emergency
don’t chew gum
light snack for high energy
don’t run but walk by pool
The non-important thing when checking vests is the shade of orange
Stop immediately when the lifeguard tells you to stop running by a pool
Swimming in the dark is always dangerous