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Hello, I've been trying to get to max level in Dark Souls 3 for some time now.
It's been a long and arduous process so far and I am only at level 322, if there is anyone out there on PS4 that can help speed up this process by dropping large amounts of souls it would be greatly appreciated, I would be willing to return the favour in anyway possible, whether it would be to drop weapons, help with bosses (on Dark Souls 3 or any other Souls game) or just general help.
Thank you all for your time to read this and the help, as said before, would be greatly appreciated. My PSN name is Ass4ssin_of_S1n.
Thank you all again.


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Hey AoS,
First off, that's awesome you're 322! I will admit that is much higher than me, I'm 123 but I just started and only played through once so far. Where are you soul farming? I'll tell you what I do. Right now I estimate I'm pulling 1.18mill souls/hr at my spot. So if you are doing better somewhere else just let me know. If not, you are welcome to do this.

I'll give you the basics and you can go from there. Lothric castle bonfire, the knight 30 feet away when you spawn that walks away. Using the FUG, shield of want, silver serpent ring, and symbol of Avarice I pull 4950/kill. I can run to the edge of the stairs before I agro him, he'll turn and close the gap fast. When he is half way I strong attack and hit him right when he is in distance. Then hit him twice more with the standard attack. This allows me to 3 hit kill him, pick his drop and back to the bonefire in less than 15 seconds (90-97% of the time). Math, 4,950x4(15 seconds each) is 19,800/min or 1,180,000 souls/hr. I haven't fooled around much with recording videos yet, but I would love to record it and share with everyone.

I got my strength to a minimum 50 for the FUG, dex up to about 30, and Endurance up to 30. This allows me to 3 hit kill him As long as he doesn't hit me three times while I'm wearing the symbol of Avarice I can get back to the bonfire without using ester flask. Try it out. It'll work.


If you know better please share man. I sure would appreciate it!



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The fastest soul farming route that I've seen is at the first Archdragon Peak bonfire, before the Ancient Wyvern fight. Get a high int build, Shield of Want, Silver Serpent Ring, Symbol of Avarice, and the Mendicant's Staff. Pop out from the bonfire, and fire off a few Crystal Soul Spears to clear out the 4-ish Man-Serpents within range. You can go chase after the titanite Chunks and Large Shards if you'd like, but you don't need to move far from the bonfire.

That said, the route I tend to take is the Ascended Winged Knights at the top of the Grand Archives. From the Archives Bonfire, take the side elevator up, run up some stairs, and just use Rapport on them. They'll kill themselves, while you fish for backstabs. Only downside is the 15 int requirement for Rapport (10 if you have the Scholar Ring).
Start NG+1, get silver serpant ring +1, shield of want & symbol of avicarice. Go to Anor Londo bonfire and each silver knight drops around 10,000 souls.


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Here are my favourites:

1) grandarchive winged knights (as described above with 15 int + rapport). at first playtrough this is 100k souls per ~3-5 minutes, its an annoying walk with an elevator ride though (speed up the process by making the elevator go down immediatly after riding up so you dont have to wait on your next run. Also after the 3rd knight falls; howard bone/coiled sword fragment to last bonfire). they also drop armor and titanite chunks.

2) Archdragon peak - mausoleum bonfire, infinitely respawning knight. at first playtrough they give 11k per kill. The upside of this spot is that it is very passive and easy (you could do this while watching something on netflix XD). no walking. you could start with a free/safe backstab. then finish him off and position yourself for the next spawn. the souls after each kill here come with more delay then the winged knights making it very easy to switch to shield of want/medicant staff.
downside: they dont drop anything. sometimes Havel spawns here as well... he is a bit thougher and slows the farming process. progressing trough archdragon peak and killing him past the next bonfire will make him stop spawning.

3) Lothric castle - these give less souls than the method above but especially for 60(+) int sorcerers this can be very fast. If you have soulstream, position yourself so it will hit both knights. with all the sorcery dps increase items you could oneshot both in a single cast. they also drop armor, embers, and titanite chunks. but piucking these up slows soul-farming process considerably. not sure if it is worth switch symbol of avarice for dusk crown to oneshot them, but it might be since being able to oneshot them makes this a very fast farming-cycle. (furthermore you could use both sorcery increasing rings + magic clutch rings). at 60 int i believe courtsorcerer staff is your best option. but if it isnt strong enough to one-shot them, try crystal sage staff (this staffs weapon art gives a much, much larger damage bonus to sorceries, more than making up for its lower base damage).

the soul amounts i wrote down are with symbol of avarice, shield of want, medicant staff and silver serpent +3 (very easy to get from ringed city dlc at any soul level, just need acces, no boss killing required).
You have reached a point where soul farming is not optimal, and gonna be a waste of time. It takes more than a milion souls per level, so fastest way is to do a fast run trough the game, as each ng cycle you get 5 levels for free from the quest.
You could also run a full clear of end bosses, and equip all soul items right when the bosses die, as there is a window in which you can do it and get the extra souls(midir gives about 1.3 mil per kill on ng7+).

Good luck