There's a new theory Eshaye... So possibly Saren recruits them for another job after the Volus vessel. They all go on Sovereign and become the Krogan indoctrinated (and potential clone doners).
I got the idea that this event happened a good while ago, and was during the time when Saren came to decide that he would use Krogans for his personal army. Since the freighter was insignificant, it wasn't what really interested Saren; he was more curious to see how his newly recruited mercs were doing. And seeing how well they performed against what Wrex said was a heavily guarded ship, Saren was pleased. And then started to work on the Virmire project. This of course would require that not only Wrex but all the other mercs too were Krogan. But that's how I interpreted it.
Am I the only one who immediately thought of When Harry Met Sally at this thread's title? :-P

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Am I the only one who immediately thought of When Harry Met Sally at this thread's title? :-P

You arent the only sick one out there, no. The only question is, in your mind, who was the one banging the table screaming "YES, YES, YES!" ?

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The game never actually specifies, but it does say that all the other Krogans died shortly afterwards. It also doesn't specify how or why they died, so I almost expect to see some Krogan husks at some point. *shudder*

I don't think Wrex said they died, he said he never saw them again or they never returned. Just finished ME1 again and when you fight Saren's geth there are some Krogan in the mix too. I assumed that they all ended up on Sovereign totally indoctrinated. 

Wrex said that every single one of them turned up dead within a week.  Which proves one thing, you see Wrex hauling *** without getting paid you'd better keep up.
Saren was probably after krogan specimens. Ever consider that!