Discuss Bloodborne and Yharnam lore, theories, beasts and the secrets of the land.


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zombie1808 wrote:beat the game for the 6th time now , sick of it .

I'm similar to this, but not so much sick of it (still play every now and then), but I'm not as dedicated to it. I've read most of the lore theories and facts, and made plenty of contributions of my own, dug through the game's secrets, became thoroughly well versed in the lore and world to the point were I could write paragraphs worth of lore responses and explanations to simple questions, and played at least a few hundred hours, beat the game at least several times, mostly with my quality build, and once or twice with my arcane strength build, and got plenty of fun with PvP.

Still for me my favorite souls game despite its flaws, but I've had so much of it, I'm stuffed.
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For some reason Bloodborne lore never really interested me that much when I initially played it (like two years ago now), despite absolutely loving the Dark Souls series and having a pretty in depth knowledge of the DS series lore (particularly the first game, I think i read thousands of lore posts and watched just about every DS lore vid for the 1st game there is on youtube). For some reason though a day or two ago I randomly started reading it and now have no idea why it didn't interest me initially, it's definitely good stuff