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I hate this boss. So very very much. And I won’t accuse Fromsoft of bad design, nor will I disagree if you say you like this boss. But facing him for the first time, taking over 30 tries, and getting to his second phase about 5 or 6 times? Not fun. At all. I get that you have to parry, and I can parry his first attack, but he’s just so spammy. He never lets up, never lets you Estus, and often uses attacks that I frankly don’t think I can parry. I’ve been stuck on him for ages now, with no sign of ever figuring him out.


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he is one of the few bosses of DkS3 that still frightens me because I just do not get it either.
and I finished the game at sl20 +3 upgrade solo... so i know my bosses in DkS3...he is hard to deal with indeed.
him and the soul of cinder are my 2 Nemesis.
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Use a shield and try to lure him onto stairs so that he swings over your head half the time. For the second phase… pray that he doesn't spam the magic shot.



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I agree that this guy is just a pain.
I don’t get him either (as announakis put it).

I typically don’t summon in Souls games but there are exceptions and he is one of them (I also hate twin Princes because I don’t use shields and typically wear cloth/assassin/caster type setups)

Parrying is something I just never cared for in Souls (though the BB equivalent was pretty satisfying).
Many of my builds don’t even have the option and I don’t use it even when I have it. Years of playing the series, I never bothered with parrying.
So rest assured, nothing in the game ‘makes’ you have to learn it. It’s a tactic like any other, and aside form it just being poory implemented, I find nothing about it fun in this particular series. It’s gimmicky and eyeroll worthy at best (especially with big weapons). But that’s just my opinion.

There are at least 2 if not 3 NPC summons you can use for Pontiff. I haven’t played in almost a year, so I don’t remember exactly, but I know one should be a given while another (maybe 2 others) are dependent on quest lines.
They won’t kill Pontiff for you but they will keep him busy long enough for you to take him down in quick dps bursts. Just watch out, because he WILL spin on you, giving you little time to hit and run. I also immediately run passed him at the start of the fight, leading him into the main area so I can kite/hit and run him down the hallway.
When he starts to summon the dopplganger shade, make sure you are on Pontiff and not the clone, since this can be a decent window to combo him.

It’s really been awhile. But this is what I did for him pretty much every time.

Also. With this hit and run,utter chaos, lack-of-tactic tactic, it can sometimes be easier to do it solo, since it’s kind of a dps race to kill him, or at least get him very low, when he summons the first clone.
I’m pretty sure he does an aoe knockdown at the end of the cast. You can power chug through it if you are ballzy, but it can be a very bad idea.



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I've probably co-oped against Pontiff the most out of any Dark Souls boss. Even then, I have a hard time putting into words how to exactly best him. I can say, it is completely possible to peck him down with just a rapier and no parrying.

My best advice:
- If you have an opportunity to strike, you have an opportunity to heal. Instead of trying hit him at every opportunity and then healing whenever you think there is a gap, use the same counter-attack windows to heal instead of damage.
- Try to learn the parry timing of the first attack. I always start the fight by running right up to the stairs (about halfway up the short set of stairs), and then parry/riposte his first swing which is always the exact same. As he recovers, circle around him so you can fight him on the upper half of the arena.
- Due to Ds3's poise/stagger mechanics, Fromsoft knows exactly how long you get staggered, exactly how soon after you get staggered you can roll, and exactly how soon the invincibility frames wear off. Pontiff specifically is really good at catching panic rolls, locking you into roll-catching stun lock chains. When you get caught by a hit, don't panic! Pause, *then* roll, instead of trying to roll immediately out of attacks.



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Buy a warpick. Thrust damage. Leo ring. Chloranthy ring. Weapon art. A good shield, say stone parma cus nobody thinks to use it.



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He is one of the few I beat without any summon, using shield ( 100% block + magic ) and hit&run on phase 1 ( with much patience ) and then, before he summon the phantom, I lock on him and jump and stay between both.. safe place ^^

For heal... I always used the room format as advantage: I'm always near corners and run to next wall ( roll 2 or 3 times ). You can even take 2 estus.
Bro listen just get yourself a shield with good stability(block one or two attacks then roll to her behind).(black knight shield best medium shield in game) and all u have to do stick to her *** all time no matter what,spam roll when she spam her weapon art stick that butt attack on windows that she is unable to hit when she spams attacks cuz u are behind her. One time i killed her right after yhorm fight with only 2 estus and a longsword that raw enfused+6. Just watch at youtube everyone beats her with that that strat.


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In my case, he is normaly boss becasue I was playing Dark soul remastered and it was wrost boss than these....a lot

For first game play that would not be easy but I suggest you should uses low stamina consume weapon including long sword and flachion spining with hit and dodge.
parryable shield is a great choice but I can't parry him with some reason. So, another is great shield including Takus (Black iron) / Cithadel great shield can stand still after 2 swings

BTW. The top 5 worst boss in Darksoul 3 might be Midir, Gael, Spear of the church (Invader), Nameless king and Soul of cinder