I use him as much as possible.  His powers are aesthetically pleasing


I like javik's overall view on things, although I hate his extreme personality, its too cliche in fiction, and I would not baby some one like that in real life, I would make him/her fall in line, which I do.

javik would be a better character if given a more balanced personality, still has the extreme views on war etc, only he smiles, laugh jokes when he get comfortable with shepard in a short time.

Even better if shepard were a romance for both male and female shepard, I love javik's African like voice, and he has an attractive humanoid shape, and I love the shape of a prothean's head.

A thing annoying most aliens is the have 3 fingers and 3 toes, which is impratical and cliche at least 4 fingers including thumbs and toes would be better.

I believe EA is responsible for not allowing Biware to fully make mass Effect 3 the way it should have been, especially Javik, I like the cutscenes where javik injects himself in main story ines, especially on Thesia, where he inspires the Asari to fight.


Best troll in the game.My fav charachter.

Well except Liara cuz Im Liaramaniac.  :D

Tali: So, you’re a real living Prothean?

Javik: As opposed to a fake dead one?

Tali: Uh… okay.

Javik: Your “Liara” asari asks many questions. You would think she’d never seen a prothean before.

Javik: This has been… amusing.

Shepard: Oh?

Javik: To discover the most primitive races of my time now rule the galaxy. The asari, the humans, the turians…

Liara: There’s also the salarians.

Javik: The lizard people evolved?

Liara: I believe they are amphibian.

Javik: They used to eat flies.

Liara O_o

Javik: Did I mention salarians used to lick their eyes? How far they have come.

Hello everyone!
Does anyone have a PC save game just before Javik's "romance" scene in Citadel DLC?
I played the Citadel DLC and I was disappointed that my Shepard couldn't "romance" Javik after the Party, since she had romantic interactions with Thane (she woke up alone in the bed). Does anyone have a PC save game file just before the Party or before the Photo? I was thinking in adding my Shepard's face with the Save Editor and watching the scene.
I have every DLC, so any save file should work. Preferably, she should have a custom face (any) and the other characters from ME2 should be alive.
If someone could upload the file for me I'd be very grateful!
wat is this character is this for halo im new here are u all old people or young adults i would love to see this in halo or star wars at some point as the unkown regions characters.