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Third region is Kinki not Kirito lol
Your mom is kinki
red demon armor revenants...
red demon armor revenants everywhere...
In defence, it is extremely light and looks pretty good
Ahh yes, the Red Memeon set. EVERYONE uses this set, even my dear old grandma.
Man... Whoever wrote this page has some major issues with... intelligence. As for seeing people using it... I don't see any. To many people are busy using the horribly useless Warrior of the West set... And that set makes no damn sense to use considering part of the set bonus is +damage when enemy is zapped... The sword does water damage. Logic?

As for the reason this set is "weak" (which it isn't...) it is mainly the 6 set piece bonus that is a major appeal. Because 26.7% increased stamina regen in a souls based game that relies heavily on stamina is kinda nice. That and the spear does fire damage. having 30.7% more damage when your enemy is on fire is kinda epic. And the 20% increased damage to a skill that already does a decent amount of damage and is easy to use... Yeah, this set is weak.

All of the fail trolling lolz.
I just wish I could get the god damn smithing text off of the *** clown "boss" that you get the set off of. Got the spear bp, but after fighting him and acing him (taking 0 damage) I have yet to get the god damn mother *****ing armor set blue prints. JUST LET ME MAKE YOUR ARMOR MY *****ING LEVEL YOU RED BABOON
I've killed him, like you said aced his *** without any damage taken 20 times in a row... And i got the spear --_-
It generally takes awhile to get the texts it took me about an hour and a half maybe two to get the iga jonin texts... Sucks but when you think about it it's saving you nearly 15 lvl in point allocations so it's kind of fair
Does he drop a smithing text for his spear as well?


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Yes, he can drop both texts.


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Not for me.


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I’ve defeated this guy over 30 times and he did NOT drop the smithing texts. Neither one. I finished him without being hit. Still no joy.
I had difficult getting the smithing text for shishido Kusarigam from shisenin Kosen, but it eventually dropped for me. keep trying, he'll drop the smithing text for the whole armor set. wear anything that has luck so chances of the smithing texts from Naomasa will increase
You could change the name of revenants to "Revenants of the west" and your going to call red demon armor a noob magnet? Maybe stuff has changed but in my play through honestly %95 of Revenants had warrior of the west sets.