you can get them into a simple combat loop with ease

just dodge up to them, dodge to the left, attack twice in low stance, dodge left, etc
It has 3 melee attacks:
Slow Swipe, Slow staff swing, fast staff swing. The fast staff swing is easy to block

Get close and be in block, if it starts a slow animation then immediately dodge backwards, then dash forward for a quick swing and then immediately start blocking again. If it does the fast swing you will block it before you even realise its using a fast swing. Just keep that block up and wait a moment before you dodge backwards
There are missions where you have to fight two of them at the same time.Seriously these fights are tougher than a boss..And they are found usually in the worst places where you can fall off a cliff or getting burned as you try to dash away from them. Worst enemy in the game.
True. Normal enemy fights like a boss, wtf. Seriously, what a joke, it's literally a little brother of Hino-enma without grab and paralysis. Best tactics - just running through them lol (if it can respawn, if don't, you can do a suicide rush), it's too difficult to beat that anyway, because insane amount of HP and fast attacks.
-You can use poison to kill them, they aren't resistant so it bleeds their health down pretty quickly.
-Use salt to drain their power and make them vulnerable and stagger upon attacks.
-Katanas, Dual Katanas, and Kusarigamas work well, but if you are using the Spears or Axes, prepare to dodge alot.
-Sloth and damage reducing talisman is what I use, but you can use the armor buff or damage buff ones against them.
The whorst enemy in the game. For me...
one of these is no problem. but two at the same time were a real pain in the ***. then after the 2 are dead there is some other monsters spawning.. (side mission other than kurodas. i think its called secrets of the dead) FU GAME...
Okay, something I'd love to know, does this thing actually have a critical spot for ranged weapons? Or am I just blind?
It doesn't have any weak spots except its back. TBC, back is not a weak spot, you just will do more damage than usual if you'll hit him in back.
Their dive attack is great if there is deadly water or something like that nearby. My first encounter ended prematurely because he dived into his death. So when he flies, keep your back to the water and dodge to the side.
Try himorogi fragment
Oh man, where should I begin...? These basic mobs are worse and tougher than many of the bosses, and (at least for me) harder too. This is thanks in part to their health pool so big it could accommodate a whole bachelor's pool party and their damage which hits as hard as a friggin' freight train carrying said pool with all the participants in it. Sometimes they just feel cheesy. They are the only enemies I hate fighting, especially with 1 or 2 Onibis around.