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replace this monster with with agnaktor, the world would be a better place without him
Check my video gameplay out. Slaying of Lavasioth
you do know you forgot to put in a link or something, right?
Ha ha. funny.
For those comparing this to jyuratodus, actually lavasioth existed ~ 10 years before jyura, as he was part of the older games, unlike jyuratodus.
that doesn't change anything...



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Well, it is actually. It's educating people which is certainly a form of Chang.
Not really. Who existed first doesn't have anything to do with their movesets, environments, fights, etc. So no, age doesn't "chang" anything.
*Shows Jyuratodus* This is your brain. Now this is your brain... *Shows Lavasioth* on drugs.
Should've been agnaktor
what the heck like all the large monsters in elders recess are weak to poison lol just use my datura string bow an kill em