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replace this monster with with agnaktor, the world would be a better place without him
Check my video gameplay out. Slaying of Lavasioth
you do know you forgot to put in a link or something, right?
Ha ha. funny.
For those comparing this to jyuratodus, actually lavasioth existed ~ 10 years before jyura, as he was part of the older games, unlike jyuratodus.
that doesn't change anything...



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Well, it is actually. It's educating people which is certainly a form of Chang.
Not really. Who existed first doesn't have anything to do with their movesets, environments, fights, etc. So no, age doesn't "chang" anything.
*Shows Jyuratodus* This is your brain. Now this is your brain... *Shows Lavasioth* on drugs.
Should've been agnaktor
Lol yeah
what the heck like all the large monsters in elders recess are weak to poison lol just use my datura string bow an kill em
ok, Im just gonna ask one thing. How the HELL do you pronounce its name?!?!??! SOMEBODY TELL ME PLEASE, IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE.


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I say la-vA-zee-aw-th
King crimson
...I just call it Lava Sloth...
this dude carted ne nore than Deviljho or Nergigante lol