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so we could just bait him to fall without the need to pickup the loot from the bottom of the church
Theirs an easier way to farm for this item. farming build: weapons L1 shield of want, L2 black bow of pharis,R1 irithyll rapier. fire arrows selected. rings sun princess ring, ring of favor +~, both the gold and silver covetous serpent ring selected. also the symbol of avarice helm selected with whatever else you fancy. anyways start from the rosarias bed chamber bf and make youre way to the drop bridge to the 2nd crack before the other side. turn around and look upwards towards the closest x shape rafters on the left arm for the 1st knight. then aim for the head to knock that betch off. then back track to ledge right before the side with the lever and patches. while youre on on the ledge look upwards beward the next set of x shape rafters on the left arm for the 2nd knight and aim for head again. go to the lever to lower the drop bridge to use as way down to collect items if dropped. afterwards use a coiled sword or homeward bone to the last bf. continue this until item is yours! \[T]/ love phyxium
It should be noted that you in fact CAN shoot through the chandlier in order to hit the knight. You will just barely be able to make out his body through the chandlier gaps. Don't walk completely across the bridge to the other side or he will despawn. If that happens just walk back to the side near rosaria and he will spawn on the rafters again.
look upwards between the next set of x shape rafters****** as a way down***** opps lol

Here's a video of how I did it. Make sure you don't get too close because he will switch to a mace and you'll probably get that instead of the crossbow. I realized this after getting 20 mace drops. When I kept my distance he dropped the crossbow in my third try:
Anyone else find the existence of this weapon totally bizarre? It's one of only two entirely new crossbow models unique to Dark Souls III, and it has a pretty nice design, but it is a rare drop from a very singular (and potentially difficult to farm) mob enemy, barely distinguishable from the rank and file of the other cathedral knights. And it's a mere leisurely stroll away from a guaranteed Arbalest, a crossbow that is superior in nearly every way. What a waste of such a neat weapon model... Makes one think this was an oversight.
A big portion of this game was rushed. They probably planned it differently but had to hurry up and put the model in the game somehow in the last minute.
The Arablast looks ugly though. The next best looking Crossbow is the Knight's Crossbow. However it does split damage, so the Heavy Crossbow is your next best bet.
Got this in about 70 something tries using nothing but rusted coins. Just don't loose hope guys, YOU WILL GET IT.
I got it in only 5 tries using crystal rapier, symbol of avarice, coin, and gold serpent ring at 11 luck.
Took me like 10 tries at 7 luck with all the item discovery equipment and golden coins :/
I used the heavy crossbow religiously in DS2. Sucks to find out it is almost impossible to get in this game and is not really special at all.
Anyone know where we can find reload speed data? Curious to know if this has faster reload than the Arbalest. Also, I haven't unlocked either yet and am still stuck witht he light crossbow, but from the picture it would appear that the Arbalest looks identical to the heavy crossbow from DS2. Is this true?



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A little late but: From quick testing it seems the Heavy Crossbow has the exact same reload time as the Arbalest. It also uses the exact same amount of stamina to shoots.

It seems it's really a strictly worse Arbalest, except for weigth. I'll probably still use it though because it looks a lot better.
Just took me less than 10 tries to get that crossbow with the method described above :D
But I had to use a greatbow. There are "lines" on the "Patches bridge", btw, and if you go to the last 2 lines, you'll have a good sight on the knight.
Just try to aim for his head or a bit above that and he'll "really" fall down. If he drops something, just equip your Silver cat ring and you'll suffer no damage by jumping down. Of course, it is highly recommended to have the Symbol of Avarice and the Crystal Sage Dagger equipped. Coins could also help. But yeah, I got it in under 10 tries, so good luck with this method :)
headshot 100% approved
equip crystal sage rapier as offhand, golden covetous serpent ring symbol of avarice proc rusted coin bow of pharis (best range) hawk ring (more range) silver cat ring and shot his head got the crossbow on the first try
I got the x-bow with around 15 trys. Even if the knight wears the x-box, he also can drop the mace for whatever reason.
Dark souls 3 is the only game where you can farm for a free "x-box"! :D
Because if you get within relatively close range to him than he swaps to a Great Mace and Cathedral Knight Greatshield.
Every time I tried, I had absolutely no view on the knight from the spot they posted about in the page. Had to go the long way from the Clensing Chapel instead.
The pain of getting this crossbow. If it wasn't for me having insane damage with bows and crossbows I would have let this go.