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the most OP spell perfect for every boss fight, plus it with ring of fog +10 upgrade weapon 4 hit kill Nito for cheese cake yo!
Ring of fog? Why?
Lol did you mean the Ring of Favor? Ring of Fog is reduced aggro distance.
Ring of Fog for reduced skeleton aggro maybe?
Great for soul farming allows for almost permanent running and 40% dmg boost allows for overkills which net 20% more souls
Is dealing 6 dmg per tick for 99 ticks without the lingering ring and total dmg is 594 i have 698hp
pump up that hp m80, 698 is really low
if u do use the ring to extend the duration wouldn't bountiful sunlight off set the self damage for the first minute?
or can they not both b active at once?
So, If I applied a buff to a weapon, say Sunlight blade, is power within increasing my damage output by 40% before or after the buff is calculated?
idk but either way your damage will be broke asf
It only effects physical damage. It doesnt modify elemental buffs.
You can’t buff after applying Power Within or vice versa
I play in the PC the remastered one, and when u are to die to the boss, just close the game. When u come back, u are with all flask in front of the fogs door. But, the power within cant be cast again, u need to teleport to the bonfire or die. restarting the whole game really saving you any time. Damn, talk about needing to get gud....
Does the damage buff of Power Within scale with the level of my Pyro flame ? Or I can just keep it at level 1 to use ?
The damage and stamina regen buffs dont scale, but the amt of damage it self inflicts is mildly reduced. Its not worth doing unless youre trying for a glass cannon boss killer.
Best pyromancy in the game. On a STR build I used the Man Serpent Greatsword at 40 STR, 30 FTH for Sunlight Blade, and then Power Within. I saved this combo for boss fights. Even at just +10 I was doing insane amounts of damage. It's a great build for taking out the Four Kings quickly. At +15 MSGS nothing could stand in my way. I dominated everything and everyone I came across. I really felt like a king or a deity.
I use a chaos zweihander and power within. I only have 16 str and 10 dex and I do 800 to 850 dmg per swing. This is actually busted.