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Hey just want to say ***** you all
does armor upgrades count towards these?
No, it doesn’t
Can I drop items in my inventory for my friends if I summoned them using a password?
Im level 86 and i can't kill pinwheel, help please
Still need help? Message my GT: Ironised
Just summon Paladin Leeroy
pretty sure he was joking LOL
hey im level 1 need some help with gwyn
Hacker. Reported.
If anyone needs help, I’m UK based and will do any areas/bosses. However I will not drop items ect. Message my gamertag: “Ironised” with what you need help with and I’ll let you know!
Geez, it's like you are sending a mercenary request.
Does an upgraded pyro flame or staff count agianst ur level range?
pyro flame count as a regular weapons upgrade and you cannot upgrade staff in dark souls 1
Can someone help me with the capra demon please?
go up the stairs, stand on sewer overhead and kill dogs that follow then after capra jumps at you and falls, do a fall attack on him and repeat; if you have range, stand in that spot and shoot, the boss is super easy I don't know why everyone has issues
The Capra Demon Is not The Issue, But Those Two Dog Are the real Bosses in Small Area. I Suggest Run To the Stair While Blocking. It Prevent you being stop in front of the door by the dogs and get smashed by Capra Demon.
If people would put the same password in it would be so much easier to summon password is 2
What platform is this password for
help, level 346 and can't kill taurus demon
Git Gud
I leveled up to 454, but I'm still stuck on Asylum Demon. Smh this game's too hard