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Where's Artorias?
He's on the DLC Bosses page
Four Kings suck. Why do I have to remove my Havel's Ring just to fight them? And the trek back from Firelink to New Londo is so painful and boring. I hate New Londo in general, the ghosts are dumb. Almost as bad as Izalith.
You don't have to if you go to where you find the first hydro coming from the blacksmith when coming down the big ramp you can go back on yourself and you will find a black knight with the grass crest shielf continue on down that path there is a bonfire and a quicker way to get to the 4 kings
since the best way to fight the four kings is to get really high poise and tank through all their hits you're probably not going to be fat rolling whether you use havel's ring or not if you do it the easy way, but I have to agree that it's pretty dumb.


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***** the bed of chaos *****. the. bed. of. chaos.
To reminisce that I've defeated them all..really like a journey to hell and back
Why arent they in order?? Wheres astorias??? Im ao confused ;-;
They are listed alphabetically. DLC not included
Check the DLC Bosses page if you want to find Artorias