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I would totally use this armor if it didn't turn your lower legs into twigs.
Can't unsee.
I use the silver knight legs with it, looks pretty good.
use different legs then.
I accidentally killed the merchant that sells this set and she didn't drop ashes or respawn
She does respawn after reloading the area, and makes her wares more expensive as revenge.
The handmaid in the dark fire link shrine doesn't respawn.
NG+ my friend, NG+
For some reason when writing a message while this armor is equipped, messages with gestures will be showing you wearing the Undead Legion Armor instead. Maybe to hide the armor's existence since it's in optional area, maybe some glitch, or maybe even something with the lore...
No it isn't. A different/default model is used for the gestures in messages, whose has neither hair nor a face to see. If you equip certain armor and look at the gesture stamped on messages, you'll see that the specific armor has been replaced. This extends back to Bloodborne where if you equip the Hunter's Hat, the model that's doing the gesture in the message is shown wearing the Yharnam Hunter's Hat instead. This is just like the Plain Doll with her "eyes on the inside" which have nothing to do with lore, and is just a repeating texture. FromSoft is just as imperfect as any other game developer, and not all details they put into their games can be taken as lore fodder.
It's a lore aspect, considering that the Undead Legion are the successors to Artorias, and as such, the fact you're wearing his armour is hidden by the armour of those who took his place.
I never understood what his helmet is supposed to look like. It looks kinda like a wolf but kinda like a hawk. I really can't tell.
When all else fails, I default to "it looks like a gryphon."

Jokes aside, it has a certain "kinetic energy" to its design that makes me think "wolf" regardless.
Jesus christ i know right ? It's just so wierd
I can't beat the go***** dancer, and I have tried many a time, which means I can't get to the area that the armor is in, so I guess I'll have to try a different strat.....
Ranged attacks make this fight easy, if you have a friend get them with a BKS or 100% Phys Great Sheild, then its just a matter of time
You can use a p`retty simple bug to beat the dancer even before vordt. Summon an npc (albert or uchimaster) and go to the dancers. avoid any damage until the npc dies. rapidly quit the game and reneter. You will be outside boss area, resummon the npc and enter. The npc summon i inmortal, let it kill the dancers with bleed (uchimaster) or have patience with albert.
if you can't beat the Dancer, you can't beat the game. Literally... Go get some mates to help you, or grind the hell out of character.
Try hit and run
Try praise the Sun!
Stick to the left leg 1st phase, when 2nd phase happens stay clear from her (Like most women jk), then run in to smack her
cheese it u scrub thats not what i did but if your really having a hard time than try the cheese
that was a joke just in case u took it differently


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My favorite armor from Dark Souls 1 is brought back. This is the reason that i didn't like the armor choices in Dark Souls II.
you know what I hate about this game... the fact that every boss is so unoriginal I mean every area I go to the boss is the same thing Artorias after Artorias who for some reason has had his sword shrunk down to a quarter of what it was in DS1... I mean honestly EVERY area the game starts up the fight like it was an invasion for some reason then I just parry him he dies and I get like 600 souls every time I kill him... Honestly that much for a reference boss from DS1... I mean they did make him horribly easy to fight but still... then after every fight FROM's servers message me with "you remember when Artorias used a dark sword?"
cheers dude that is an amazing joke that is sadly true
Am I the only one that they are to skinny, they look like they removed the skin and left the bones.
and thats exactly whats happend to him.
How to spot a noob:

1. Wolf Knight armor
2. Dank sword
3. shield of wank
4. spams R1.
I now feel the urge to use exactly that build, if a nood is using it and irrating you then it must obviously be effective.
Someone's butt hurt
5. Writes comments about how to spot a noob
just parry it is easy to parry spammers
He was a wonderful companion to Sif, a fierce knight, Ciran's lover, yet was consumed by the Abyss...yet, he left powerful successors to his legacy. Rest in Peace, Artorias, and know that the Abyss Watchers will fill in your a complete T.


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ciaran's :)