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Stupidest thing in the whole game. Getting 8+ knights agroe'd on you from 189*10^78 miles away while you're getting sniped is stupid. Plus their attacks recover at a speed that makes fighting multiple in melee combat impossible without getting hit.
Uhh... I think they were pretty easy. If one doesnt forgot to lure them out and fight only one at time. I have not had problem with the whole location except bosses. They were pretty easy to snipe with bow and they was predictable AF.


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Here's a solution to your problem: Git Gud
super annoying fella. everything from animation to walk speed to aggro range


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just no man... they are SOOO easy
i think these guys were inspired by Rikimaru (from Tenchu series) in his ninja armor, the resemblance is striking
Samurai or knight! Pick one or the other you walking contradictions! Man these things are worse then my cousin when he was going through his weaboo stage at 9 years old. He went as a samurai ninja super saiyan knight for halloween once, all these things need to do is go full blown agro when you say something bad about animal or Dragon Ball Z! XD Yes I know, it’s a Japanese game and the “weaboo” insult doesn’t make sense but still these guys remind me so much of my dorky little cousin as a kid and I cannot help but mock! :P All kidding aside, these things are relentless and would follow you to the pits of hell! Heck, a swarm followed me off the edge and into the lava! Crazy!
They are never "Allone", try to fight one, there will be another to assist them