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I hate it. terribly digsgusting.
I hate them so much i wonder why?
The big round things aren't actually their eyes, they're a decoy. Their real eyes are tiny little beads on their nose, which is actually most of their head.
They are still just as terrifying
Thank you dark souls for this abomination



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Easily the most disgusting and creepy creature in the entire series
What about the Bloodlickers from Bloodborne?
The bloodlickers were easy to just lure them out one by one, but these bastards attack in groups and jump everywhere until you"re dead. And they appear in the worst areas too :Farron and smoldering lake( where you are forced to fat roll away while they jump at you at the speed of light) and the dungeon(which is easily the most horrifying place in the game)
The fleshy dragon-person-things in Irithyll dungeon bother me a lot more than these do. I also really don't like dealing with the non-respawning spider monsters that drop Aldrich's rings.
Nothing is worse than the red summoned spiders in Bloodborne's dungeons, those things creep me out even without being arachnophobic
What about the gaping dragon from dark souls 1?
Say hello to the giant fly
Pro Tip when fighting these things in swamps where your movement is hindered whip out a dagger and use quickstep. completely ignores the movement penalty you normally get.
I can't stand this creatures... Can't even look at them...
What about the gaping dragon from ds1?
Sorry, wrong comment. *****ing phone.
Whats so scary about them? I kill them no problem.
The giant eyes, their fast movements, the places you find them in, the constant shaking of their fake eye, their alien noises and just that looking at them is extremely unsettling


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they are putrid to look at although easy to kill
A lot of people really don't like dealing with status effects, so having an enemy whose only attack is a status effect that results in death can get them riled up.
if you stand in they onion breath too long you get instakilled
I thought cursewared greatshield din't actually boose curse resistance?
Well their intimidation method is working that's for sure. I'm just glad that those spheres aren't their eyes.