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yep. fast, agile, long-ranged melee, high damage. BKH have it all
I wanna use the bass cannon as a dil do
No mention for the Zweihander?
Yup. Lightning Zweihander deals 650 dmg before scaling and has great range + you can get it right at the start of the game.
Lightning weapons don’t scale.
Is the dark sword still a good weapon? I read that it got nerfed.
That's dark souls 3.
Even after the Nerf in ds3 it's still open btw
This page does not show any "Heavy" weapons stats?
your greataxe Raw damage appears to be completely wrong. and stats at 99/99/99/99/99/99/99/99/99 is almost completely useless for.. pretty much everyone. almost literally everyone. and the lack of moveset consideration is the final nail in the coffin for this.
Best weapon: Black Knight Halberd
Now we’re talkin
i've played this game atleast 10 times all the way through now and i can guarantee you the black knight halberd is the best weapon in game, infact the only reason i'm here is because i'm trying to find a weapon that's even comparable to the black knight halberd
agree with you mate
Every time i try the BKH i just end up using the great scythe instead, why even bother, amirite?


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is that the cursed or regular greatsword of artorias?


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This guide doesn't seem to account for stat scaling at all. You are recommending almost exclusively weapons that scale the best along 3 stats (straight, Dex, int). This page focuses on raw numbers and maximum potential instead of plausible numbers and the practical returns you may see. Aside from that, there are values in here that are blatantly wrong. Another comment points out raw great axe as an example.


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Edit: scaling along strength, Dex and int. Not sure why I wrote straight.
Because leveling dex is*****
Nope this didn't help me at all. I guess I will be bringing the Astora Straight Sword through my whole playthrough.
Why? It's a starter faith weapon; any other divine upgraded straight sword severely out damages it with with identical stats. Plus, it uses twinkling titanite, which is much better spent on a better weapon.