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for anyone wondering this is actually called a bardiche.
Same goes for Gundyr's "Halberd", in fact.
No one cares what it's called in real life, in fact no one here probably cares about real life at all, too busy playing Dark Souls which is greatly superior.
well some people seem to care....
I very much appreciate the trivia!
It's a glaive bro. Lol.
It's a Bardiche. Glaives look like a Butcher's Knife attached to a stick. See: Black Knight's Halberd. That's a Glaive.
What's the Lucerne close to irl, it's my favourite for early polearm builds
Is it better for STR builds? Looks like it has better scaling for STR
Yes it favours STR, but can work well with Quality/Refined builds too. 66 STR and two-handing this has a decent AR of just a little under 490, before buffs. This makes it rival even the Black Knight Glaive
I main this on my SL20 PvP build. Does 217 damage at +2 Raw with minimal investment (12 strength/11 dex if two handed, run knights ring if you need to use it one handed). Buff with magic weapon for an extra 85 AR and this thing is beastly. Gives you a nice reach advantage over the Astora straight sword and Uchigatana users you'll be facing, and the weapon art is deadly.
That is not beastly damage ( thoe the moveset is great). Beastly is having 373 DMG before the deacons of the deep. Yeah
Why i dont see so much people with the glave or others Halberds, i think they are great, good damage, moveset and range.
Halberds rival UGS class weapons in damage, range AND stunlock while also weighing far less in general. IDK why people don't use it as much. Maybe because unlike UGS weapons, 2-handed halberds can still be parried? I main a Lucerne, but I rarely see successful parries in PvP.
I think the reason mos tpeople don't use these is because, other than the halberd with the spear moveset, they take a lot longer to get. GS you got two within lothric castle, Claymore and Bastard sword from grierat. yes there is the lucern but it's still after these two swords. thing is when you do see them you hate the person's guts if they start to stunlock you.... least in my cases I have...
sweetspot mechanic
please better scaling w lightning & other elemental infusions please
send from soft a email your more likely to see a change
Is it just me, or is there a problem with the range on the jump attack? (Having severe problems with crystal lizards)
its you
The jump attack of halberds doesn't hit low enough for crystal lizards. It sweeps horizontally instead of diagonally so it basically only hits larger enemies.


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This is not a hlaive. That notch makes it a bardiche. Gundyr's weapon is a better example of a bardiche too.


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The way its attached to the pole is also reminiscent of a voulge.
Just some nitpicking.
a bardiche is a type of glaive which glaives are a general term for long bladed polearms or small exotic weapons such as a mirror knife. But yeah, Bardiche would have been a better name.
Yeah, its not a Scythe either and they still named it that in 1 and 2
look at all the wikipedia kings over here
honestly who cares...



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Im glad to see another person with an appreciation for older weaponry.
Why in the blue blazes was this, a weapon in the halberd class, called Scythe in the previous games?
It bears resemblance to historical war scythes . They are called "war scythes" as scythe blades were repurposed for combat use, effectively being made into polearms - ergo the moveset similarity and classification in this game. Hope that clears things up :)
I miss my twinblades
I've picked this up for a change and I'm finding the weapon art combos aren't working. R1>L1>R1 people can block the last R1 if they have a shield, R1>L1>R2 can be rolled out of before the last part of the R2. The latter combo being nerfed seems well known, but everyone seems to think R1>L1>R1 still works, but it doesn't.

I was maining this yesterday as an Aldritch Faithfull (lvl40 +7) and I couldn't get up the ladder at the water reserve without being summoned first. Game is not dead.
Game is dying out though, just like all Souls titles. Weapon Art combos were nerfed a while ago (for whatever stupid reason, From added a new mechanic and then didn't want people to use it). R1 to L1 to R2 combo doesn't work on any weapon, but R1 to L1 to R1 usually does work on halberds and all other weapons.