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I killed her after resisting her with the con persuasion check. I summoned a bone widow took control of it and hit till she died. Then teleported her corpse to loot it.
I picked up several bars of silver, none of them are in my inventory and I could load nothing at the forge.
I had this problem too until I realized that Silver Bars/Cups/Glasses count as “any metal” when crafting items such as a Small Frost Rune.
Just for the record. No need to fight her >>at all<<. Just press STRG / CTRL to go into attack mode and whack away at her while she is still bound (I shot at her from the highground with a crossbow). Fight won't happen and you get normal experience (about 57k, I was at lvl 14). Quest progresses normally as well. Tried this with multiple saves (where I just "executed her" as described and where I fought her normally. Same results in terms of quest and EXP). Should work flawlessly.
After update 1.09 there is a bug where after fixing the silver shaft into level would consume both silver shaft in your inventory. Drop one of your silver shaft before fixing the lever or you would lose both...
I am having the same problem. Is there a way to get another silver bar?