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Is it just me, or does the helmet look like Frampt?
Honestly wearing the armor that tried to murder you 2 times is probably the stupidest thing someone could do
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Pretty smart actually in this case. It was being controlled by the 'Butterflies'.
Kind of looks like berserker armor
The "total" absorption values of the armor are not shown in same way as the other armor sets: Here someone simply added the values without accounting diminishing returns. Example: The true values when you have the set on (only the set no rings no buffs nothing) Physical: 31 Strike: 23.6 Slash: 32.3 Trust: 33.5 So can someone edit this so its easier to compare to other armor sets that have their values with deminishing returns accounted for.
I mean it looks good but has a bit of Cathedral knight syndrome
What is that?