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The only "slutty" outfit in the entire game is desert pyromancer, and honestly it just looks bad. The antiquated plain set is worn by a male character (flavor text) and coincidentally can also be worn by female characters in which case it doesn't even really look that appealing tbh. It's not even that real. Get over yourselves.
They should have brought back Ciaran's armor from DS1. Biggest disappointment. Why the hell do we get Smough's fat *** but not my homie Lord's Blade?
I know, right? They even had her weapons in this game with a full moveset but decided to remove it... I miss Ciaran.

Ciaran = best waifu
Mmmmmm, that Harald set is sexy. Amiright boys?
Wait... does 3 NOT let dudes wear Desert Sorceress set?
Your taste is*****
its a shame that the DLCs dont have more armor/weapons/bosses am i the only one that feels that way?
*FromSoft adds 1 Thot set as a throwback to ds2* -Everybody hated that
I love that armor, shut your face.
-I h a t e d t h a t