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Twink in the cathedral and against the deacons and this weapon will shatter to pieces
How does one twink a 40 dex weapon tho
You can wield the Frayed blade at SL40 starting class mercenary and hunters ring.
Its shape, hand-part and protection plate looks identical to the Sekiro's dark katana that he holds on his back
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Dose anyone have a spare frayed blade that i can trade or have im an xbox player.


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Looking for anyone that wants to trade or let me have a frayed blade I am an Xbox player I will trade anything that you want
Just go NG+ and get another soul?
earn it
Good pop practice for this weapon is to use the LB WA to force opponents closer to you at which point you transition to LT WA to attempt a stun lock and build up bleed


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Recently, I have been seeing this weapon while doing now SL invasions, usually in Crusifixion Woods with a high level summon to boot


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Low* not "now"
I like this weapon but prefer chaos blade and dark drift :) I know they aren't quite as good but I like their look :p
Dood this weapon is one of the coolest looking in the game what are you SAYING
Play a Japanese game and complain about weebs. Never change, normalweenies.
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How is that ironic? You can like japanese games and still hate weebs. Dummy.
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Being a Japanese game doesn't mean anything if the setting of the game itself is obviously medieval European you weeb.
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if you play a Japanese game, be ready for tentacles and anime moans.
Were playing dark souls so where’s my anti x tentacles
Got the wrong thing from midirs soul, anyone have one to trade? Ill offer a friedes scythe or demon scar, messqge me on xbox1:The Everwatcher
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