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how to counter any anime sized weapon. Step 1: wear hornet ring and pull out a dagger. Step 2: bait them into swinging or starting the stupid l1 while staffing around them hugging them. Step 3: Stab em in the kidney. Step 4: use weeb tears to salt your popcorn and enjoy the hate mail. alternatively off hand a crossbow and every-time they swing load em up with bolts. They have to either ditch the oversized child toys or die. oh and lastly if they one hand any over sized weapon...parry them as soon as they swing. Enjoy.
every wep is a anime sized wep though :/
i love people trying to backstab me when i do the combo, i roll away and ***** them over.
ㄖ卄 Ꮆㄖᗪ 卩ㄥ乇卂丂乇 丂ㄒㄖ卩 卩尺乇丂丂丨几Ꮆ ㄥ1
I love when player wielding this weapon, easiest to punish
Not entiely a lie, but You're probably playing against people who dont know what anything other than L1 is
l1 is the only good move. the r1s are parryable and its a ugs
is it nerfed yet? it is still bs paired weapon that requires no skill to use
It takes good reading and baiting to use in pvp, otherwise you will always miss your target. This weapon heavily relies on a good first hit, which is the most difficult thing to pull off. Since it's so slow and telegraphed, its a horrible weapon to to use in pvp. Fun as hell, don't get me wrong, but its far from op and from being considered "no skill".
There are many scarier weapons in DS3. Git gud man pls.
Casuls get ready to get dunke- oh they released the ringed city lets see ohh a casul friendly powerhouse thats arguably the best in the game Alright casuls get your havels increase stats and gank as havels with this and pyromancy
This is so true even at so 500
I recently replayed DS3 to play the DLC and I must say, this is such a bull*****pvp weapon. I got invaded and was handedly beating the Red Phantom until he ran away to chug Estus and equip these... Well, I had never seen them before and I was not prepared! He clipped me with what seems to be the charge/special attack and I was just dead. Despite having high health and ridiculously high poise, I was still stunlocked through an entire combo and instantly slain. ...and this was with a heavily armoured strength build, I hate to see what these would do to a lightly armoured Dex build, or God forbid a Mage!
Its likely that you just suck ***, how do you not know about those swords? they are easy to beat, but you would rather just complain than get better.
@last reply, how about instead of quickly insulting someone you read their comment first? Its obvious you didnt read his comment, otherwise you would know that he didnt play the dlc on his first DS3 playthrough therefore he has no knowledge of dlc weapons, and we can conclude that he took a break from playing DS3 since he has never fought it before. You know, its *****heads like you that give the DS3 community such a bad rap. Oh btw, everything is easy to beat if I use a cancer build, I can easily hit a 20 win streak just going cancer and that has nothing to do with my skill.
You haven’t seen nothing yet: look up a video on Hyper Dragon RKPGS on Nod Keras’ channel***** is terrifying
there trash you just have never fought them so your not used to them. you could literally say anythings op if you've never fought it "oh stomps op, oh great club op, oh drang hammer combo op" learn how to fight it before you claim its op
If you defend these weapons you are trash they are beyond op,went into a fight club with these easily killed 14 people not including the host
I'm not a great pvp player, nor do I seek it out. I dont invade other worlds... but this is my go to if someone invades me. Very easy to win with minimal skill (at least I admit it) as long as you are patient and wait for a mistake. Then stunlock them and enjoy the souls. Sorry reds, but if you invade me you play by my rules. I'm not following some "PVP Code". I'm gonna use the sweaty weapon.
Works even better when in group invasions; I usually sneak behind with Hidden Body and L1 combo them with L1s
This is very good weapon for PvP but not top tier. Solid high tier.
*presses L2 with a zweihander* ok casul
don't follow this guy's advice, ultra weapons are only good when you're ganking. They're waaay too slow solo. Anybody who knows what they're doing will chain backstab you, especially if you spam l1 hitting nothing, the third l1 where you jump into the air is just asking to get backstabbed. this is even more relevant now since the game's playerbase has dwindled, and pretty much the only people who are still invading are experienced. RKPGS weren't even good before they got nerfed.
TOP BULLSH1T WEAPON 2017-2018-2019
if you think thi wep is good in 2018-2019 ....... i'm sorry you just suck at this point
Nobody sucks vs this weapon even good players fall short to the op Ness of this weaponn
How do you even get hit by this thing, its sluggish as hell. Fun to use in pve, but I could never use this in pvp.
thanks iron pineapple