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I didn't realize andre was saying something and I mashed through it, but someone should try and get his dialogue from when he gives you the hawkwood swordgrass up here too
And that is why I'm here
If you kill him when you have the option to start new-game plus, then rest at a bonfire, he says something unique. Him and the handmaiden say something pertaining to your actions, the handmaiden acknowledges that she is undead and will just keep coming back or something. Should try and find it again.
How do i get him to help me after that
Talk to velka and request absolution. Cost me 100,000 souls.
What's Andre's dialogue after you receive the twinkling dragon torso stone?
that andre was actually dio LOL
You were looking for Andre but it was I, Dio!
I encountered what I believe to be a bug where I no longer have the option to infuse with poison, sharp or heavy. It's as if i never gave him the Farron coal even though the coal is no longer in my world and is not in my inventory. I'm not sure what cause it but neither resting at a bonfire nor quitting and reloading has resolved this.
do coals collected and given to andre carry over into new game plus?
I'm glad Andre's back


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I killed andre and my first thought was okay just gotta go to velka and request absolution but it says you have not sinned anyone else have this problem
You absolve your sins to stop NPC's from attacking you, e.g. If you attacked the guy on the stairs and he became hostile you can absolve to make them passive again
They changed tge sin mechanic to merely represent which npcs are aggro'd. Just think, if they had kept it the same, Darkmoon & Sentinels would actually be fun again!
I already talked to Andre (in fact i'm in new game plus) but i didn't get his gesture... anyone might know what happened? if it's a bug or something^
Do you not have it already? You cannot receive a gesture multiple times.
Once you have a gesture, you have it for all time, regardless of NG. The only things you lose are the merchants who require their spellbooks, ashes or being sent to pillage.