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Gavlan deserves his own quest


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I wonder what use he has for 20 foot soldier swords
He's making the gavlan death wheel.


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I just got attacked out of nowhere by Gavlan around the Doors of Pharos, I think I agroed him but I don't know how, he has no dialogue either, I could kill him easily but my heart doesn't want to, there is a giant Elephant in the room before the stairs, is it an NPC? If so then no wonder why - RK14
Hey, i think it wasn't him who was hostile, it was a different dwarf before him, i was confused at the start aswell, keep going up the stairs and you'll find the real Gavlan
Yeah it was just a Gyrm enemy, Gavlan is up the stairs and to the right my guy :)
They should put a wheel item to sell or buy from Gavlan. A wheel'in and deal'in wheel weapon.
The skeleton wheel greatshield
He can wheel and he can deal, Get you a man that can do both
He can wheel, he can deal, he can drink and talk at the same time. Get you a girl that can do all four = Instant Marriage
Wheelin, dealin, machine
Out of all the fanservice Dark Souls 3 had, why on earth did Creighton make the cut and not our boy Gavlan?
Listening to him gulp his mead makes me super thirsty.
I wish I could gulp his mead down
I don’t know if this is accurate but with scholar of the first sinwhen I first talk to Galvan and go back to door of Pharos but with most of the enemy’s were not hostile and just let me walk past them.
that happens when you join the Rat's covenant only
hurrah for wheel
Easily mistaken by an enemy at Doors of Pharros. Pay attention.
i dont think enemies drink beer and stand there