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Is everyone lying about this sword? This is my first playthrough i have an astora straight sword +6 and a lothric knight sword +6 and the knight sword sucks in comparasion, i managed to kill pontiff relatively easy in 6 tries with the astora sword, i have 35 vigor, 30 endurance, 18 strength, 18 dexterity, 12 faith and the rest are the default stats for the knight, What should i level up? Do i need to upgrade more the sword?
LKS is only powerful when infused with sharp or dark with good stats
The sword is good because of it's great moveset, reach, and *scaling.* You have barely put points into the damage affecting stats. Aim for 40 str, 40 dex and infuse with a refined gem; 40 dex and infuse with a sharp gem; or 30 faith and 30 intelligence and infuse with a dark or chaos gem. Early on it won't do as much damage, but with 35 vigor and endurance you are in a good position to start pumping your damage stats.
Stop giving people advice on this sword you’re just making the community even more cancerous
compare broadsword, LK and LKS, LKS has more reach but has the longest frame LK could spam most hits in terms of stamina
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“Waits for you to swing” R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 “point down”
“Doesn’t attack at all unless you swing first”
The Autistic's Best Friend,Also Known As Irithyll Straight Sword
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If you use straight swords in pvp you're the best person. I hope you R1 spam too. So easy to parry
670 AR on a dark lothric straight sword, I can’t even reach that with my hollowslayer Greatsword
If you go on a games wiki to talk trash about a certain weapon you're sad...
You *****s cry about everything. Can't use pyromancy, can't use weebtanas, can't use weebultraswords. Now i can't use straightswords? How about this? ***** you. I'm playing what i want.
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Yeahhh bro “ waits for you to swing “ R1 R1 R2, “ does nothing at all until you swing again “ R1 R1 R2
Blame hyperarmor for that
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Did they nerf this? im getting 103 Physical 133 fire in my +10 chaos
and D C B B in scaling