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If you don't want to face another player for PvP in this boss battle, that's fine. I get it. But just disconnect before you walk into the battle rather than right when you see a human player. Even a crap human player is going to be harder than Halflight. If some half naked guy with a four-pronged plow and the face of a microwaved fleshlight scares you that bad then you aren't going to "luck out" with someone easier.
Someone that beat midir is always someone to be scared of
Gonna disagree. A player disconnected when I first fought this boss and I got Halflight. She was a tiny bit harder than the next guy I beat who was dumb enough to try to backstab me while I was killing a painting guardian. I turned off my lock-on and just R1 spammed him about two or three times and he died. Ez-pz.
Those in the covenant are only trying to protect Filanore. The ash are just hungry for fire. After killing a Spear, then realizing what you did, you feel bad after killing the Spear protecting Filanore. But what you don't feel bad is killing a RED GAWD DAMN SPIRIT.
Ahh, the Spear of The Church, i get that this is a hard fight that you can't skip but i have a very highly ignored piece of advice, always spray them with acid surge and main the Ringed Knight Spear, the L2 R2 R2 combo is overpowered, 437 dmg if it isn't upgraded and the enemy has def health... its so good because if you upgrade it to at little as +4 than you still can melt invaders, +10 will kill you fast if you have 99 Vigor and stand still, meaning if you hit them with the L2 than let thy stunlock begin...
Acid surge, damage numbers for non-upgraded weapons in a battle where everyone is +10, 99 vigor builds. I wonder why your advice is highly ignored.
it's hard to be this stupid, you deserve a medal
That weapon art is easy to parry. Use that against someone with any skill and you’re gonna get destroyed.
whats not to love about fighting a gank squad with unembered hp and no estus



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honestly, not much. since (unless you're playing a faith build) you can't heal, you have nothing to lose until the second phase (where you can heal a little more reliably via church guardians) which makes a pretty fun experience with the right weapon and build. personally, i think the defense buff should be higher, though. still feels like you die easily even when there's 2 or 3 players
The love comes from winning under those conditions. It's a pretty amazing feeling to summon into a 4 player squad of overconfident point downs and dung pies, then 4 minutes later stand over the pile of corpses and bow pretentiously as the host tears the ethernet cable out of the wall.
Way to reply to your own comment, you little ***** Shut up and learn how not to be a candy ***.
I had a guy as boss to make a really fun battle, cosplayed as evangelist, weapon, spells, armour, everything. Didn't catch his/her name, but thanks! Didn't beat him, but tried to give this covenant a shot. I'm pretty bad at PvP, but I'm absolutely surprised, that there are a lot of fights, that I actually win. Strange how many people just completely lose their **** in PvP... Most of the other ones are ganks with 4 ppl with hammers, that throw dung pies and point down... Surprising to see that max 10% seem to know what they are doing and beat me in 1 on 1s or even 2 on 1s...
The majority of people in this game can barely handle PvP unless the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor. That's why ganks exist, and also the reason people camp for invader "honor duels" in Pontiff's and the swamp - they get a 30% health advantage and twice the estus and can turn it into a blue gank or chugging competition the second they realize they're losing.
I hope that was me. I made the other comment about always cosplaying and sticking to it. Its not fun for anyone otherwise.
i used to try to make this a fun fight for the host with weird builds but after many ganks and point downs, I just run a sunlight ss faith build with lightning arrows and soothing sunlight. the number of disconnect/salt comments i get is truly wonderful.
you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
Person try to kill the invader and get reked because the invader is using an op build, player gets angry and begins to gank in the invader, invader gets upset and begins to do op build to kill gankers. Repeat
I'm kind of the midway between those two states. I always use a fun build when invading as a SotC, but I always have a fast weapon equipped to deal with ganks. If it's a lone host (or if I kill all of the host's phantoms and they weren't particularly toxic) I'll let them defeat the church guardian npc w/o attacking them and I'll fight like a boss. Which usually means I'll use flashy weapon arts really often, sometimes exclusively, and I'll use the Divine Spear Fragment as often as possible (only after the '2nd phase' of the boss fight, though). I try to make it fun.
I will always and forever attempt to make this fight memorable as the boss. Whether I'm full Evangelist, Gundyr, Seigward, Nameless King, whoever...I'll utilize everything the game has (correct armor, spells, weapons, gestures) to make me identical to them, even if it puts me at a disadvantage. I don't care about salty squads and point downs or any of that. I spend most of my time around this fight because its so much damn fun for me and I want the rest of you bastards to feel the same when we duke it out.
Well kudos to you friend. I used to cosplay as enemies or bosses, one of my favorites was as an extra painting guardian with the same equipment and the untrue ring and doing my best to mimic the other guardians. But after consistently feeling like maybe 1/10 people understood that I was trying to make it unique and fun with a clearly sub-optimal build while the rest were just pissed to be facing another human, I burned out. Still love playing as a Spear, but now I get my kicks from taking on the salty gesture squads that show up pre-pissed. Guess I've gone hollow.
I never thought to mimic the painting guardians. New goal.
When some guys lets you kill him cause you don't summon anything un-embered



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When you sitting at the bonfire waiting to be summoned an you get the msg yes let’s go boom spear of the church. I die a little knowing this is going to be a ***** fest with bee knees playing in the background
Wtf drugs are you on mate?
Was using the red orb to invade in the swamp while wearing the covenant badge. While it was searching, I was summoned as a Spear for the boss fight. I won, but received no ornament or tongue - just an ember. What a rip-off.