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I've a suspicion that the key to make folron invades frequently is to be low on effigy. I completed the entire game with 0 invades of folron , having usually 20 effigy in my inventory throughout the entire play through. As soon as I did Darkdiver Grandahl's questline and used a bunch of my effigies plus in some places afterwards i dropped around 1-3. Since then within a very short ammount of time he has already invaded me twice. Now this isn't data that has been tried a thousand times but it might be useful if turned to be true
After more hours folron has invaded more and more. Im not saying 10 is the defining number but as soon as i had a good ammount of effigies (10+) he hasnt appeared ever since. I think his purpose is to serve as means to give players effigies when they run low on them.
I just finished the game with 80+ effigies and was invaded at least 8 times by Forlorn. I rarely use them so the very beginning would be only time I was low. Pretty sure it's not related at all. They already built the alter in Amana for zero-effigy failsafe.
I was invaded by him in front of the king's door in Forest of the Fallen Giants when I opened it.
False. Had 60+ effigies and Forlorn still invades. Perhaps OP was not human ;).
I think Forlorn spawns in specific places the developers put it in? Is true?
I had similar experience with it. When i checking my item inventory in period of time will make himm spawn. I don't remember where is it.
Yes he seems to have fixed spawn locations, in which he can invade you
he invade in almost all location
Immune to poison, and if not so is it incredibly high.
He’s definitely immune I knocked him into the poison cloud tunnels in harvest valley and he just sat down ther e without loosing health


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He can also invade in the Shaded Ruins
yeah he did that to me
He invaded me after completing the Lost Bastille when I was upgrading at McDuff's. Thought it was a player at first.
Invaded at undead crypt. I hate that ****
In sotfs, it seems like he spawns with the Greatsword in areas before Drangleic Castle and with the scythe in Drangleic Castle and beyond
They can spawn with either, its just down to RNG for what you get, I was attacked in the Bastille by the scythe wielder a few times
Invaded in the forest of giants right after the freaking cardinal tower bonfire. Was NOT prepped for a greatsword build like that-- was only level 17, jesus.
Had 3 of them invade me in the iron keep.
this guy is everywhere wtf
Yeah. From what I understand, at least one or two can spawn in any location in the game except Majula. And Aldia's Keep has four.