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Goddamn this thing hits like a truck.
When you use weapon animation without the heavy attack and keep the stones one the hammer it does more damage
Just use moaning shield +3 and 36 endurance, it blocks the weapon art.
I’ve recently returned to ds3 and decide to try my lvl 80 str build with Ledo’s and oh my god was it fun. First invasion was as a spear and I immediately guard broke host and one shot him, gg From, gg.
I want to like this but all I can think about is ledo's pizza :(
This weapon very much suits the design of that of a black knight, rather than a silver knight. think about it. The engravings and designs on it are very similar to the style of black knight weapons seen through out the game. The size would be appropriate for something of a black knight and yet again another thing. Havel was a close compatriot to that of lord Gwyn, and his black knights accompanied to the first flame. So the lore would have been better suited if there was this one knight called black knight Ledo, who was the strongest and gained the respect of Havel the rock. He did not wish to become ash, so he ventured the land and eventually became friends with the giants. That to me at least is a much better lore.
Anor Londo didn't have Black Knights - Black Knights are the Silver Knights that went to the war against the demons and then were burned by the Kiln of The First Flame. So yes, there were Silver Knights with heavy weapons.
I am aware of that. But we never actually see any of the silver knight weapons nor silver knight with this weapons at Anor Londo. This weapon wasn't in other games and it also wasn't donned by every silver knight. I am not stating that the law is incorrect but rather should have been altered so that Ledo is a black knight because of the following.
i meant silver knights also that accompanied him to the kiln, was tired didn't type everything correctly
I doubt they have put much thought behind Ledo and he was implemented only in the last minute basicaly to "deliver" the hammer. Alone that he isn't a giant like the others tells books.
There was actually an unreleased uncompleted ledo armor set that was supposed to be unique to him, matched the hammer perfectly
Well ledo is an exception to the rule like havel with the giant tooth, therefore the black knights are just silver knights burnt with gwyn.
This hammer is great
That’s what your mom, sister, aunt and granny said. Sorry couldn’t resist
I don't have the dlc so would anyone be willing to drop this for me? I'm on Xbox
Lmao no
you couldn't even see the weapon when someone drops it for you, as you don't own the DLC
If someone dropped it to him he will see it , guess you never traded on ds nublet
get it yourself lol
What’s the point of using this if you’re not at 99 strength?
You only need 40. And to answer your question, because it’s the strongest great hammer
At 66 2handed you have 66*1,5=99STR scaling, with 67 STR 2 handed will still be 99 so you can obtain maxed dmg even before lvl 100