Will I get all the dlc content if I buy a physical copy of the deluxe edition from a nearby store? If not then please specify which ones will I get along with the deluxe edition or any other version of the game which already has dlc content installed.
As far as i know, there´s no physical deluxe edition. Only a digital. I preordered it and it included every DLC. So i guess it should still be the same
I think the develepors made a great game.

But on the other hand i've got to admit that there are a few things i don't like about Nioh:

1. The missing balance in the game. After the release u were an unstoppable force by spamming some skills and oneshot everything. That was way too overpowered and soon after that everything got nerfed and in the way of the demon you got oneshotted by the enemies. Somewhere between would be nice with a good amount of damage and the ability to take more hits.

2. Because of point 1, it is necassary to farm better gear and texting smiths. Don't get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with farming as long as it makes sense. But some smithing textes are on the same level as farming proof of concorde in DS 3. And that makes the game very repetetive at a certain point. I don't want to farm hours just to be able to get through WOTD and WOTW. In DS3 you could beat NG + as a low lvl. In Nioh its impossible.

3. That leads me to my next point. They lack in creating a higher difficulty in my opinion. In Nioh higher difficulty means you've got to fight two instead of one boss at the same time and both can kill you with one hit. Thats not a new difficulty, thats just spamming some OP bosses. Not very creative.

Over all I liked Nioh but I dont think i get myself through WOTW. The Amount of Amrita needed to level up is way too high.

Back when the game was released i was stunned and amazed and even thought its better than DS or BB. But after hundreds of hours, i need to say that DS and BB are way better than Nioh. In all Terms.

Just my opinion, but its the internet and i cant wait for the hater to comment :)
Honestly I have yet to get to way of the wise but from the amount of time I have played, since its release, I can agree with some points you have made. Either way of the demon needs to be toned down in either health, damage or both, or the rewards you get from the missions need to be better to actually make you want to play them.
I agree with your points but the thing is this is not From software, if you look back at the games Team Ninja have made there's quite a few instances where difficulty was just one shot kills and a little bit of enemy spam. I guess that's just how they view difficulty. I believe the harder difficulties in Nioh aren't really for people to just get stronger and better but it's mostly aimed at people that can use all their skills to create big builds, avoid most or all attacks so it would seem unfair to others like me who isn't quite that good at dodging EVERY attack.

I'm not looking forward to WOTD and WOTW but i'll try my best.
So as someone who played this entire game offline for over 1000 hours I can say that if you are complaining about the difficulty you just need to git gud way of the demon/wise wasn't meant for casuls who are gust here for a good time, it was meant for the hardcore gamer who want a challenge. Also I dont understand what you mean by boss spam, yeah they throw some bosses from earlier in the game into the mix to shake things up but not because they are out of content but to show you how far you have progressed these things use to be a huge fight now you destroy them like any ordinary oni. Anyhoo your opinion is your own and dont think I'm telling you its wrong all I'm doing is sharing my contradicting opinions.
100% agreed with your points. I really love this game but the difficulty balancing after WotS is crap
Opinion's are just that. Art is perceived, all art is different. Games are art. After acing ds and bb, Im happy to have this almost impossible game. That Im acing lol
Here is one^^...but no hate at all. Normal discussion would also make it for me. Well, I kind of disagree. Yes, the game is sometimes hard, but never unfair. Yes, I also had troubles beating two bosses, but made it in the end. The game has three locations for earning quick a load of Amrita. So there won´t be the need for "hundreds of hours" of grinding and grinding. BUT.....it will need several hours to learn the game and enemy mechanics. If you know them, you will be unsoppable with a little grinding and at least good gear. Maybe it´s the set up you play your character and maybe you need a bit more practice to be the damn demons more easily?
Can anyone gameshare
it's a copy past of DARK SOULS, but more difficult
Lol nioh is not a copy paste of dark souls... Nioh has its own identity and is very different from souls games.
I'd say it's closer to bloodborne than dark souls
Wow, Nioh has stats and is a tough game, so it's a copycat. Dude, this is a RPG and if you didn't know already, this gaming genre has a majority of titles that feature stats and skill developing, so Nioh and Dark Souls are copies of earlier and latter Final Fantasy titles and a whole bunch of other games. Obviously, since I've played Bloodborne before Nioh, I could see some similarities, but I did enjoy Nioh because it has its own identity, and that's what makes games unique nowadays.
Coming to PC with all DLC and 4K resolution !
You forgot about the bad porting. Nioh sucks on PC.
"Nioh sucks on PC" nope, it runs buttery smooth on my PC, so git a gud PC
Runs just fine on my pc. Locked in at 60fps 1440p and had no issues. It could be a bad port and 60fps would still be doable, its not that demanding.
Hello, im having a problem..i finished the game and bought the first dlc..but cant unlock it..can someone pls help me? Thank you..



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You have to download it (Square while on the menu) then use the in-game "boons" menu at the shrine
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It says not available..and in the boons it says all is downloaded..i've finished the game twice and nothing..pls help
nioh password downloads
yeah so no reason to buy it this is the kind of game thats fun to play cracked stupid japanese dlc bloodsuckers
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Those particular DLC are worth the price you pay, since the base game already keeps you hooked for hundreds of hours.
Strange...The downloadable content will not install. Each time I hit download, it hangs for a few seconds and reverts back to the purchased screen. Any ideas?
PC version is complete, the DLC is already there, you just can't get to it until you beat the first playthrough
Says you. Nioh plays better on the PC than the console, that I can attest to. You don't know what you're talking about, probably because you have a potato PC or a crappy Chinaware gamepad, or you weren't playing with a gamepad at all.
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In your opinion, maybe they just prefer playing on console; there is no need to get so angry about it