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Bloodshed's End Armors
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Without milk
So, I have a question: where do you take these screenshots of armor? It looks like inventory but I have some mist effect slightly covering legs in mine.
Hey man, I know it's a little bit late but if you still want to know, he took those screenshots on the teahouse, in the avatar changing section ;)
Nioh Bloodshed's End Armor Names
Tips 1: defence for armor and attack for weapons no depend on rarity (color).
base defence for body armor = base_value + 2 * (level - 1)
base defence for other armor = base_value + (level - 1)
base attack for weapon = base_value + 3.5 * (level - 1) (round down)
This game is to populated for its wiki to be this outdated :(


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Trying to fix it.
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