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Boy...this sounds pretty damn boring compared to Bloodborne...Seriously, and a lot lazier too. No multiplayer, no armor, no other weapons..Think I'll pass on this one.
And dont forget the artificial difficulty that strangle this game, playing only for lore, that game sucks
The game was streamlined to focus more on the combat mechanics. Honestly the most intricate and dynamic combat system FromSoftware has ever created! It doesn't have anything to do with being lazy. The only one being that is you as it seems, lol
Where do you see this artificial difficulty? To be honest I think Dark Souls is more difficult than Sekiro. I'm honestly interested to see where you are coming from with the artificial difficulty since it seems at least pretty fair to me
armor was the only missing piece to perfection on this game why the do that
i dont mind no multiplayer but no armor cmon that gotta change rite in a dlc or somn
Aw no.......I was really looking forward to fashion sekiro :(
I understand not changing weapons and multiplayer, but armor is what brings everything together. Being able to find the perfect armor set to fit the players desire only improves the chances of new players. If From software cares about its existing fans first then why take this game mechanic out
that's not how the game mechanics work, adding more types of armor would be pointless because the way to gain better stats in sekiro is totally different from dark souls and that was the idea from the start


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Sekiro is a rushed game, no one can debate that. The sheer number of minibosses that are copy and pasted, reused enemy types and lackluster customization system shows that. A lot of the tools feel outright unfinished and horribly balanced. 3 Shikigami to lure an enemy? Are you serious?
Was going to buy before i found out theres no armor or clothing we can find.
Oh.. No cosmetic changes whatsoever.. Well that's extremely disappointing.
It really is. But man, the combat systems more than makes up for it in my opinion!
I've spent more time playing dress up in dark souls then actually playing the game. This is a downer.
What are you*****?