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Ive done multiple playtroughs of DS3 and am PVE focussed player.
Ive done various builds and variations, currently doing a dex/int build (which i hadn't done before) to try friede's scythe, but planning another playtrough on PC to play along with a friend who is a firsttimer.

For my new build i want to make the game as easy as i can, just for fun... to see how overpowered you can make yourself, and do it as fast as possible. (without co-op!)

so my question is: What build was the easiest PVE experience for you?
(provide me with neccesary stats and weapons if you can).

for me personally the easiest playtroughs so far were:

strength-faith with morne's hammer (with its weapon art you could poise almost anything)
pure-sorcery ranged combat is always easy but with the sickeningly easy combo of hidden-body and pestilent mercury which let you bypass some really hard enemies without the slightest struggle, it was ridiculously easy.

Both these builds were not so powerful at the early/mid game though, i was wondering if it could be made easier in early game as well.

The most annoying boss is the dancer since i want to kill her ASAP to get to the better soul farming spots, so a build that makes the dancer a walk in the park at low soul-levels would be awesome.

ive been exploring various builds and was wondering if you could comment on these specifically (how easy/hard are they):

Greatshield-strength build?
Luck/hollow bleed builds?
medium shield-spear builds?
pure pyromancer?

these are 4 i havent done before and sound like they could be easy?
What experiences, advice or ideas can you share?



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Nothing else needed.
Just get the one actually named ‘Greatsword’ (the Guts sword).

Miyazaki is a huge Bersek fan and it shows in how easily you plow through the game.

For the record. I quit using the big weapon types forever ago (aside from Murakumo). I use saber, katanas, falcions, and such for melee. I find the big weapons boring to use, and too easy. Those are different reasons. I’m not bored because it’s easy. I’m bored because I don’t like them.

I did my quickest run with the Greatsword, for old times sake. The game was only two weeks old at the time, so it wasn’t even instinctive yet.
It was my 4th character, and I laughed at how ridiculously easy it made the game.
The swings are easy to direct, though slow. You can kill an enemy running up on you from behind by attacking the air in front of you and following through with the attack. Or even a group of humanoid sized enemies if you get used to it. It’s pretty funny.

Pure strength, and the other stats as far as you need to be comfortable with armor/speed/HP.
I’m sure others who focus on big weapons have better info, but you asked for easy, and I found this easy to the point of pointless.

Also, it is a minimal requirement build. You only need the sword.
Iirc, it’s in the swamp. Possibly at the top of a fallen bridge, shortly beyond the entrance to the swamp. I could be wrong. It’s been awhile.

Also. No caster tools or spells to go out of the way for. No quest lines. Just find whatever armor you like. I prefer speed so I get something relatively light, but not skimpy.


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nice, thanks for sharing.
I started a character yesterday and was thinking along the same lines.
Gotta try that sword.

its probably gonna be a high vitality/strength build possibly with a greatshield.
This is a bit different then i ussually play. most (strength-melee builds) i make i don't get much vitality and vigor. i rely more on rolling or blocking the occasional attack with a 100 physical medium shield. on dex builds i solely rely on rolling and light/medium armor.

I thought it might be fun to invest heavily into blocky-tanky. might be boring, dunno... if it works, it sounds like it could be really easy, and that is my goal :)

statwise is was thinking to go 40 vitality for max defense and 50-60 strength.
vigor to 30 (i ussually don't go past 20-25). and endurance to 35-40 (also much higher than i ussually get for PVE).

weapon's i was also leaning towards greatswords (not ultragreatsword, but ill try the one you suggested for sure).
so far ive been handling the bastard sword. i was thinking of getting a heavy darksword as well (for when i need to lighten equipload).

i wasnt gonna invest in spells, but i am playing with the idea of getting 1 intellect to be able to use magic shield to try the famous moaning-shield-magic shield combo on some bosses.

rings i was thinking: Chloranty, favor, steel protection + a 4th optionla ring depending on the situation (life, havel, magic resistance).

armor i ussually just go for fashion, but this time i want heavy for sure to fit the tank-theme. maybe farm lothric knights at the start, and transfer tto faraam when available.

im still early in. only killed vord and curse-tree. was thinking of clearing out the road of sacrifice and the swamp area, kill the sage and the abyss watchers, and then attempt the dancer. by then i hope to get enough strength and vit to get a serious greatshield (stone, moaning or lothric).
otherwise i think ill do cathedral and/or catacombs first.


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Update & projected final build.

Ive been breezing trough the game, the tanky build is doing exactly what i hoped it would do... making the game extremely easy.
Starting out as a knight makes the early game very easy, but when i gained acces to the various greatshields everything became blockable.
did some bosses co-op and some solo. solo it can be hard to find a window to strike, but with enough patience i think most bosses won't be a problem.
The biggest surprise to me was when i stopped caring about rolls. ive never played a fatrolling character, but this build really doesnt need to, so im going to focus fully on blocking.

the final build is going to be:SL150 PVE tank for NG+ (startclass; knight)

VIG: 36 to get >1200 (2 estus to refill) while hollow with ring of favor +3
ATT: 18 to get Tears of Denial (2) and magic shield (1)
END: 40 (softcap)
VIT: 48 (to be below 100% in the heaviest gear i have in my mind (see below).
STR: 50 (acces to all great shields and most str-weapons)
DEX: 15 (just a few points to get some more variaty in str-weapons to experiment with)
INT: 10 (1 point extra to get magic shield)
FTH: 15 (for tears of denial)
Luck: no points taken

the heaviest equipment ill ever wear in this build is:
Full havel armor + havels greatshield
Greatsword, sorcerer catalyst and talisman + torch (XD)

With ring of favor +3 and havels ring +3 this would result in 99.83% equipment load :)
the 2nd two ring slots will be used for steel protection +3 (optional) and chloranty +3.

I think this build is pretty much as good as it gets with a strength-vitality build. most strength weapons are usable in 1 hand and i can use any shield in the game. Dropping to a little lighter armor gives me great ring-flexibility to play around with various combinations (for fun).
And with tears of denial and magic shield i have two spells that are thematically awesome for a tank-fantasy-build.