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qeter wrote:can't mention metal video game music without metal gear rising
Watch on

I agree, MGR has awesome music, "I am my own master" is insane



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Brutal Legend... my Gods, that game has a lot of unforgettable songs... Mirrorthrone - So Frail, Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost in the Fog, Ozzy Osbourne's Mister Crowley, and Tenacious D - Metal to name a few. Not to mention having a chat with Ozzy Osbourne himself. "I told you not to climb on that you stupid mother... (game asks you if you're okay with bad language) fu***** piece of s****!" cracks me up

Another game I can name is Shank 2. The farm survival has a cool ost.

Then there's DmC... I enjoyed every fight in the game. Soundtracks were blood-pumping adrenaline-inducing pieces.
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Prince of Persia Warrior is nice


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Not one mention of devil may cry. I am ashamed.
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Red Alert 3's soundtrack was quite awesome when you're playing the Japanese or, even better, the Soviets.
The former has some martial Babymetalesque track running, while the latter mixes good ol' metal with the Red Army Choirs. I am still to discover better battle tunes than this.



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The Mega Man X games can be great for the tunes. Even as largely disliked (myself included, last time I played the game anyway years ago) as Mega Man X6 is, its OST can't be denied.

Relevant to the topic, the music for Blaze Heatnik's stage:
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Well, they aren’t in any games that I known of.
But anybody heard of-
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats?

They have only been around a few years. UK/Sabbath inspired, but with their own style, unlike a lot of Sabbath inspired music.
I suggest the album ‘The Night Creeper’ detailing the drug-induced life of a Jack the Ripper style serial killer.