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I had a question for everyone. I'm new to dark souls and have decided to start on the 3rd installment. I just recently received the Red Eye Orb, so I've been using it to invade people. Here's the kicker: Instead of fighting with them, I take the opportunity to scout out the area before I proceed(since mobs won't attack), then I go back to my world. Does anyone else do this, or am I lone wolf?


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Indeed I have, too. However, I wasn't an invader.

My friend, who was new to Dark Souls, was lost in Irithyll Dungeon, which I had already completed myself, but I wanted to help him out somehow.

So instead, I wrote down my Red Sign Soapstone and acted as a guide for him, and eventually led him into the Profaned Capital bonfire. There are always workarounds!



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Well...i've never done that but it's an altenative way to scout a new area...
Anyway, in my case, i simply explored the area while off line or while Unkindled, so i didn't have to worry about invaders and I could explore the area safely



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I thought about that before due to watching invaders run from me and then kill themselves somewhere in the level beyond my current progress.

I wouldn’t do it since one of the main draws of the game is the tension and surprise of learning new areas. It is fun though to later go around and check out the level after you know it, just to get the feel of the atmosphere with the non-hostile enemies. There is something about their breathing and grumblings that make me feel almost.. peaceful.

No hate on your scouting method though. It makes sense to send your phantom instead of going in blind. In a RL situation, I would do the same.