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visions of tears ...
No red eye ??? I want to invade people !!!
You have numerous SoulsBorne games to do that in. I think the original Tenchu fans older than 18 can appreciate a single-player experience. PS: When's Armored Core coming back?
So how I will ***** da *****ing casuals?
*****ing cancerous casuals celebrating that there is no pvp Cuz u got angry that some dude online killed u in a game that U yourself agreed to buying? Only a *****ing arts major douchebag would call invasions bullying. To all of u who complained about getting invaded and celebrating this. Suck on my great white serpent.
Lol go cry to your mommy
you are a bacon and egg mcmuffin
you do realize you're the cancer right?
The sheer amount of autism in this comment section is just fantastic. "oh noes, i cant interrupt someones game! terrible game 2/10!" inb4 casual who gets bullied; I've done my fair share of invading and getting invaded in dark souls. It's fun, but its nice to see From finally decide to say "this is how the game is to be played", not a s.hitshow of min maxed builds



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Why are there people here pretending that Dark Souls was some major eSport that is now dead? No one cares about PVP, if you played Dark Souls for PVP, you are playing the wrong game. PVP never took skill, it was one key meta build that dominated every thing else. You know why? Cause From don't give a ***** about that***** either, it was just fun little sideshow for the game. Most PVP players are current crying in here about no online because they are getting their *** handed to them by an old lady with two daggers and her feet, the real reason you crying is because you want to summon the boys to help. And hey, Dark Souls is still there for you, go and play it.
Lol, someone had a tough time facing invaders.
funny how everybody is complaining about missing pvp... Am I the only one who enjoyed playing the game coop with his bros? I think that the true loss
Agreed, PVP was pointless. Besides half the time someone tried invading me in Bloodborne, I always had two other people. Only time all three of died to an invader was due to people just not really caring or they got so bored of trying to defeat a player they'd die literately on purpose.
battle royal mode, please activision!!
Go away, WEAKLING.
Go away, WEAKLING.