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Level 132 need help with gravelord Nito . Can't find a chat room for finding boss help
I'll help you, Danaconda_A7X is my tag
Need help with seith I’m level 81
the fact that they have the darkmoon covanant ring wrong is really bothering me
Yes, I've noticed that as well. The actual levels for the original won't appear.... Certainly possible to just be a glitch on some devices, however.
So, is the gank woods like before or more restricted (in remastered that is)? In PtDE forest hunters didn't really have match making at all, my 180 level character got invaded by some 20-30 level guy. I think the more loose match making for the gank woods was great, since there was always some one to play with.
I picked up the lightning spear from Sen’s Fortress does that mean I have a weapon range of 10?
I’m sure you’ve already figured it out but yes
Will upgrading a (non-twinkleing) weapon from +5 to fire weapon break the "low level" pvp? PSN(4) "Klavair" message me if you know
Late, but the information on the wili is off by 1. The first level of a fire/lightning/divine weapon will bump your matchmaking to the equivalent of a +6 normal weapon. I confirmed this by using cheat engine to look at my Matchmaking Level after I cheesed my way to an early fire Zwei
Weapon level is the drumbeat***** ever
Found the giant dad twink.
Hey so what category does the pyromancy flame fall?
I guess the pyromancy flame falls under the regular weapon category...
I spilled beer all over me laughing at these comments. You guys are really trying to understand dark souls!
It's like they're counting grains of sand and none of them can agree on how many there really are.