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The Lucatiel summon and magic resin makes this fight a breeze. Lucatiel is a damage sponge. All you need to do is dodge a few attacks until the demon aggros on the phantom and cowardly swing a few times into its backside and retreat while you recover stamina. Demon was beating on her mercilessly and I never saw her health drop below half.
The run-up to it is pretty tedious, but the fight itself is one of the better ones I've had in this game. It starts slow, just so you get to know its moveset, and it builds up as you keep fighting it. It punishes turtling enough as to incentivate you enough to know its moveset, and after that it becomes a matter of timely dodging (although the big overhead smash is tricky to get used to, and I got hit by the first horizontal swipe a whole buncha times). It gives enough window for you to heal, particularly after the jumping attack, and that window gets bigger the longer the fight goes on. He kicked my *** a whole bunch of times, but I have to admit, this has probably been the best straight-on boss fight I've had so far in the game.
Beat this guy on my first try thanks to the forewarning on the wiki. This is definitely the best page on the DS2 wiki.
I tried to use the black scorpion stinger with poison damage but it didnt seem to do anything. Why is this
Magic Demon Smelter is faster and stronger than the Smelter Demon, no matter what equipment you have, it is useless. The scene is always too dark.
Hands-down the best mid-game boss.
Broken Hitbox the boss fight Annoying boss, Annoying path to boss and *****ing retarted moveset, just equip fire-resistance, the red tearstone ring, use the Brightbug and R1 spamm his *** until hes dead, chug estus like a * when hes on a phase transition and keep spamming R1, It will be over before you know it Or go and play Dark souls 1 or 3, those are way better than this one
Idk but he was just another slow heavily amour guy to me. I just dodge left all the time and beat him 1st try, meh.
"return to this arena later to fight an enemy similar to the Smelter Demon" Did the person who write this have no idea what the Pursuer is?



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I gotchu fam. Fixed.
Was pulling my hair out until I learned he has a hard time hitting you if you hug him. With butcher knife and quartz ring, hard boss becomes easy boss. Hug OP
It turns out this is a bad idea for the blue one