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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I love Jackass.
Personally, I find her really irritating.
I get he whole jaded-by-the-weight-of-what-I've-seen character archetype. But Jackass just comes off as an arrogant nihilist without any real depth. That said, I could well be missing something.
^ same
The tower collapse didnt cause the destruction of the network, A2 did.
The details <3
Nope thats ending C
you get this report after ending C though
I don't know what the point is to all this, but I swear I will kill every evolutionary dead-end machine lifeform, as well as every single ****** behind Project YoRHa.
I'm coming for all your heads. ***** you.

And so the cycle of pointless hatred and violence continues...
Jackass is an icon, you hold your tongue
Jackass' fish is tasty.
That sounds oddly sexual. I like it
but deadly
Jackasses last statement is a mood. (Though personally i'd try to figure out why I was emotionally manipulated and tortured like this first)
(she did that already)