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i'm inclined to say that this is perhaps the worst boss of the entire souls/borne series
I think the graverobber is female
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"Afficted Graverober moves with the highest speed of all three and usually attacks first before Varg and Cerah." Like hell he does, the Havel wannabe moves faster than both of them. He gets to me before Graverobber does.
The person who came up with this boss can go to hell.
Don't bother trying alone if you're trying to slowly enjoy the game, unless you're used to ganks
I get it to the havel then he pulls a roll attack of hell and one shots me
Here's a thought, what if Varg is a deserter from Havel's failed rebellion?
They're still better at ganking than most DS 3 players
What a *****ing excuse of a boss.
Poison the Graverobber, run around the first pillar on the left of the boss gate. Then once they’re separated enough stab Cerah a couple of times. Then poison the Graverober again, run around the pillar, stab Cerah a couple more times then run around the pillar. Rinse and repeat until the Graverobber and Cerah are dead. Then it’s one on one with bootleg Havel. Poison him or fight him straight up. Or both. Took me about 30 poison daggers for the lot of them. And don’t listen to the people who say they can’t be poisoned. They absolutely can.