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İ cant enter this special quest, pls help me. When i try to enter this quest, MHW freezes in the loading screen. Help Me! İ am playing MHW on Xbox one x. İm realy bored. My Xbox Live nick is LAS POLATS SON pls solve this problem of ne.
This quest is really difficult for me, help
You need to break parts, don't kill her.
I got a pretty good build going with ice bow. And never have a problem with any other monsters, but this monster is hard. I have tried the quest countless time trying to win buy just can't, when ever lunastra screeches and I get stuck in place, she hits me with a fire attack then keeps focusing me until I die even though I can't roll out of the way. My palico has taunt shield to keep her distracted but it does not work on her.
Dont know if it will affect your build but Bazel Armor Alpha really helps. Fire defense, blast resistence, and earplugs 3.
Earplugs level 5 needed to ignore Elder Monster Roars. Bazel armor, earplugs charm are a couple ways to get it. But you need lvl5 to ignore her roar.
Hey just a quick question; what the actual hell? 15 minutes to beat an elder dragon with unblockable aoe’s? Like, sorry we aren’t all team dark side beating elders in 4 minutes, but this is impossible for normal players.


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The Power of a team spamming Dragonproof Mantle and Obliteration’s Footfall is not to be trifled with
This quest is also only a repel. Killing is unnessesary.
Quit whining, I can do this in 10min with a nergal reaver, like seriously.
Cleared it first try. I’m mediocre at the game


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Use the traps. Hit her with the boulders, then the spears, both of them, and get knocked out to use fortify and hammer her with an ice weapon. I used diablos tyrannis 2 because it's a hard hitter and it does ice.