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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Bell gargoyles are not the boss of this area
The bonfire that is unlocked with the sewer key doesn't work
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Where can I find Andre? I read on the Boss Wep page that he can be found here? Haven't played the game in YEARS and I can't remember. thx
He's in the Undead Parish under the church bonfire.
After I destroyed quelag witch in blightown, the Pyromancer trainer(?) turned hostile, I killed him...then I return to the depths, domnhal the Zena is nowhere to be found. Did some rat killed domnhal the Zena which made the Pyromancer trainer hostile?
Whoops my bad, merchants/trainers do move during play through. The hostile Pyromancer is the first trainer you get from the depths you rescued, domnhall the Zena is in firelink shrine, where you get the ring of sacrifice
How the HELL do you get here??? It says to backtrack to a door before the Capra Demon in Lower Undead Burg, but no map shows the entrance and I'm just wandering around stuck cause I can't find the path. I tried finger, but hole. Plz halp!
Just before you enter the room with Capra demon with flaming dogs or the fog gate, turn right. Use the YouTube video for a better understanding of the lower burg map
Actually the dogs aren't flaming at this point
Why can't we have these kinds of maps for the Dark Souls 3 wiki?
I very much disagree that the drain holes are safe entry points to the basilisk nests. The waterfall behind the giant rat is be far the best entry into that tunnel as you get to easily isolate them instead of being forced to fight them in groups.
In the Remaster, the Slimes consistently drop 100 Souls a piece, making farming them a grindy, but low risk way to level up.
reminds me of that south park episode where they fight pigs in the forest for weeks in world of warcraft for 1exp each while getting fat to triumph over that hacker lmao