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Can I still get her armor if i marry her?
Yes, after the questline is competed (when Anri dies or goes hollow), you can buy it from the handmaiden.
I found him hostile at the cathedral. At first I thought he had a knife but then realized he was fighting with a broken straight sword that did almost no damage. It was so sad to just stand there and watch him put all his strength into his swings and they did nothing. i could not bring myself to kill him :[
What happens if you don't kill horace, tell anri where he is, then kill horace without reloding the area?
Then anri wakes up from the hunters dream
Can you reverse hollowing after the Rite of Avowal and still get the cutscene?
no, yuria will break ties with you.
I killed Pontiff Sulyvahn before talking to Anri in the Catacombs. She then moved to the Church of Yorshka, but the Pilgrim is not in the corner of the church. Am I locked out of the questline for good?
Unfortunately yes. It's a pretty trash move on From's part IMO, but if that's what you wanted for your character you're down 10+ hours.
I talked to Anri in the Catacombs, killed Pontiff, talked to Anri at Yorshka in that order and never encountered the Pilgrim at all. i know this isn't exactly your situation but there is hope as i was able to continue with the wedding despite the wedding being my first time ever encountering the Pilgrim. Yuria hasn't spawned back at Firelink yet for me so im not sure what will happen but the point being; try to initiate the wedding anyways if you haven't and hopefully it comes together as it has so far for me.
Everybody making firekeeper their waifu while I'm jumping through hoops to make dead anri my waifu.
when killing anri, she gives you 1000 souls
you monster
worth it
Fun fact of you die when anri kills the boss you ultimately fail the quest line and she technically never dies.
after you do the "wedding" ceremony can you heal the dark sigil or will it ruin the ending?
If you heal the dark sigil it will ruin the ending because you need all of them to obtain it.
Hello, I came to post because I don't know what happened to Arni in my game, I spoke to him the first time in the catacombs and did all his dialogue, after that, I went to look for him at his second location but somehow, he never showed up. So, I killed Wolnir hoping that he would appear after it, but he didn't. I thought he would be in Irythill waiting for me to go as the guide said but he wasn't there either, not even in Yorshka's church. I went all the way looking for him to where Horace was and he wasn't there (I didn't kill Horace right at this point yet, in case Anri would appear if I don't kill him). Anyway, I go and kill pontiff Sulyhvan and he still doesn't show up, at all. He wasn't found hostile anywhere in the Cathedral, he wasn't with Horace, he wasn't at the catacombs and he wasn't in Anor Londo to go to his world to help him. I literally have no clue where he is or what happened to him, and still whenever I talk to Yuria at the Firelink Shrine, she keeps telling me that her Pilgrim is guiding him to take my hand in marriage because "Which lord doesn't do this? Duh." I need help
The issue is probably that you didn't kill Horace before the church and Pontiff. Those are the things that progress the questline further. A friend of mine only got Anri after killing Horace, so it's likely too late on your current playthrough