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Not a bad sword against bosses that allow you some chances to proc frostbite, but the second you're up against an enemy that isn't going to play along with your frostbite hopes (especially a human player) the abysmal damage is pretty miserable.
Well at least they will back off and you could use to your advantage to heal and they will be less eager to punish you unless they want full frostbite to the face
Well it does have great dps too, and is great for non specialized classes. Personally the frost is just an afterthought, I'd still love the weapon without it. I recommend even in late game, DLC, pvp, and new game +.
Quite simply the best early-game straight sword.
Best early choice of straight sword when you lack titinites. Able to frost most enemies in 4-5 hits
D/D scaling for STR/DEX yet STR scales noticeably better. Goddammit FROM and your arbitrary bs.
A lot of weapons soft scale a little better one way or the other, like when you upgrade/infuse and the letters turn blue or red to indicate improvement or reduction but the letter remains unchanged. In this case, once upgraded a couple time the STR scaling improves from D to C
Fromsoft apparently hates frostbite.
My personal favorite weapon of the game in terms of gameplay. No matter what build I make, i gradually gravitate back to this sword. Light weight, second highest damage for a straight sword, very high dps and fast swing, obtained early in game, and the frostbite is a very useful touch as well. The light weight makes it pair quite well with a great shield. If you're going with a straight sword, this is one of the best.
Not a bad sword at all! PvE-wise at least, ESPECIALLY if paired with a crossbow with exploding bolts as the bolts count as fire damage and reset the build-up after you get your damage. PvP-wise, you would need roughly 4-5 hits in immediate succession to proc Frostbite, which is just not reasonable to ask of anyone in a PvP fight.