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I don't understand how this is an Ultra... Shouldn't it be a normal GS?
How can a blade that long be considered in the greatsword category when you literally wield it like a spear and charge with it, it makes sense for it to be an ultra
That is the beauty of it. It is very light and has an S scaling on a DEX infusion!! It should be a normal GS but isn't. It's an ultra, and one of a king to. This is from-soft for you in a nutshell.
You can tell by the R1. UGS R1s are horizontal slashes that slam into the ground (with a satisfying “clink”) whereas GS R1s are sweeps that don’t touch the ground.
its purely because of the length. if the sword is roughly the same height as the wielder then assume its a greatsword. if its unusually large then its an ultra. tbh the zweihander and astora greatswords are the only ugs that could potentially be useable irl. they would still be realler heavy but they would at least be carryable
I don't understand how having 60 in strength, dexterity and luck with a blessed infusion for this out performs anything it really ins't that good the best infusion in my opinion is sharp as after 40 in dex you get 2 ar for each level up until around 80 which is the hard cap for dex so leveling beyond that would be pointless this is like the heavy weight of dex weapons
I belive they mean the Blessed Weapon miracle buff, and not the infusion...
Clearly it was implying hollow infusion because luck, it literally says "Blessed Weapon". The meaning is that once you have raised the weapon paste a certain AR threshold the percentage increase from Blessed Weapon outperforms other buffs such as Lightning Blade. You are right though, what the note says is complete nonsense bordering on incredibly stupid. If you go 60/60/60 with hollow presumably then you will get less AR then going 85dex / 35str with sharp. That is right, by going luck you are wasting 60 stat points for item find on something that is not meant for it. The point made about Blessed Weapon being stronger is true for any weapon once you get their AR high enough. Furthermore, their charged hits gain a greater benefit allowing for some really huge potential damage.
using mugenmonkey the hollow build with 60/60/60 outperforms a normal dex build with 16 or 18 in str and 80 in dex but with 35 in str and 85 in dex the sharp beats it again but that isn't taking into account the blessed weapon buff which adds 7.5% in physical ar which would mean that the dex would win out again which means that in the end sharp is the best infusion for this weapon
The Refined Astora GS is an excellent weapon for a quality build. The sword also works surprisingly well with a sharp infusion, if you’re willing to invest to 16 STR.
Why you would infuse this with anything other than sharp I have no idea. Refined infusion. Is garbage.
this is literally best with a sharp infusion at 66 str, heavy infusion and holding it with two hands it does 548 versus a sharp infusion has 630 when holding with 2 hands and refined with 40/40 it has 563 making it the worst for a strength build
Baestora got nerfed back in the day and I was so sad :C.
After use refine gem I still have C scaling for strength, only dexterity have B. Someone know why?
Refined gems were nerfed a while ago. Use sharp instead. I'm not even joking, even if you're a strength build the sharp infusion on this weapon is better than heavy or refined
@last reply, don't use this UGS if you are a str build period
I love this weapon very much. My character is a INT/STR build and I use this as a +10 and infused with a crystal gem.
Ok. I put a chaos infusion on mine.
Why would you use this UGS if you have a Str/Int Build? I’d recommend a crystal Claymore or Zweihander- better Strength and Int Scaling
Looks like we needs some 2019 updates on some of these dmg output tables
Allows any build to access ultra-great swords. Stat cost is low (for an ultra), weight is low, scalings are pretty much all A's and S's. This is pretty much the Lothric Knight Sword of the ultra great swords.
Before I ever even read the stats my two main weapons were the lothric SS and the Astora UGS
Blessed +10 gives S not A please change -Camo the wolf
camo this*****
it does give an s scaling in faith why did this get so many dislikes
This is a great Ultra weapon for dex characters with good stats and scaling but oh my lord I've parried the weapon art a little too much