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Extremely resistant to lightning, standard bolts with Arabelst inflicted ~220 damage while lightning bolts with the Knights Crossbow inflicted only 77 damage.
They invented hardcore ghast to the game
The pilgrim "larva" looks like they are praying which summons the Angel's. Sense they keep spawning after death the angels themselves are not of this world and are summoned like dregs or are created through a miracle spell. Though this has bothered me for a while. The silver knights and some other enemies disappear the same way these angels do when they die. Instesd of falling down leaving a corps to pillage.
The word you're looking for is since, not sense.........
To whichever *****face at FromSoft that thought it was a good idea to make these things: your mother was a *****
A hamster?
Has anyone else had the angel randomly start to dance in the air, I only had it happen to the first one you see. I noticed it after i was invading and killed 2 blue sentinels.
Did you make this post just to tell the world that you killed two sentinels?